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My Healthy Evening Routines

Previously I posted a post about my healthy morning routines. As it has been one of my most popular posts, I decided to do a healthy evening routine post as well. 

Usually my evening routines starts with a stretch or a foam roller session or sometimes I do yoga. This is just a quick relaxation moment and a mental note that it is time to start my evening routines. And I want to be honest: I don't always have time for this because I  need to take care of my family. But then I will stretch or use foam roll when I was Netflix. After stretching I take a shower or go to a sauna. If I have a sauna day, I will put on a honey mask. This is simple: just cleanse your face and put some honey on your face. After this, your skin will be very soft. The honey will disinfect and calm your skin if you have blemishes. 

Then it's time for a dinner or a snack. Usually I eat a bit light in the evening. Read more here. So, what is it that I eat? If I have enough time to prepare a nice dinner I will do a salad. Basically the recipe is like this and the dressings I use are from here. I just switch  the source of protein I use. What I like about preparing salads is that you can just throw into the bowl whatever you find in your fridge. This means that you have some vegetables and fresh produce in your fridge or freezer.  

Now that our football season has started and I basically train for that, I eat a bit differently. Because I mainly train endurance, I try to eat more carbs. I have noticed improvement in my performance after I have increased my carb intake. I sleep better and also because of that my recovery is better and I have more energy in my practice. It is important to eat enough! Also the carbs I enjoy in my evening snack will improve the quality of my sleep. These sleepy carbs can be a banana, nuts, granola or oats. After my snack I drink herbal tea*. Enjoying a cup of tea in the evening is a relaxing way to let go of the day and prepare your body to a restful night. I have to say that switching any evening cravings to a just simple tea has made a big difference in my diet. After a dinner you might crave something sweet and if you allow yourself to eat something extra after every meal, you might gain weight. For me this tea* has helped and it is enough without any extra sweets.

After my snack I usually check instagram or read some blogs. However, at 7.30 pm I shut all my electronic devices and start to watch Netflix, write my Gratitude journal or just read. For me it is important to chill and enjoy the peace and quiet moments. 
Right before I go to bed I take my Magnesium*
My evening snack: granola, nuts, coconut yoghurt and berries

protein pancake and berries


How is your evening routines?

Lots of positive vibes,


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