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Are You Throwing Money into Your Bin?

Let’s talk about food waste. According to studies Finnish people have a lot of food waste, approximately they throw into the trash bin worth 125 euros per year per person. In my opinion that’s a lot! I have to confess that in my own household this has happened as well. But I decided that this has to come to an end! 

Here is what I did to stop wasting food:

  • I started to meal prep better. This will ensure that we will use all the food that is in the fridge.
  • I went to grocery store only 2/3 times per week instead of every day. If you shop every day, you will spend more money and probably end up throwing food to your trash bin.
  • I started to track my money expenditure. After I came home from shopping, I wrote down every cent I spent. Then at the end of the month I checked how much I spent. This also reduced our grocery bill because I was very aware of my spending habits.
  • My son’s left overs are another thing. As a rule, I don’t force my son to eat everything because I don’t believe in this method. If you force your child to eat, your child can have troubles later in his/her life. However, as my husband is also very keen on saving money, he eats all my son's left overs 😁

These simple tricks helped in our household. Have you any experiences on this?

Let’s be conscious in our consumings, 


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