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Recovery Weeks: When and What to Do

Previously I mentioned that I was going to invest more in my recovery. In this post I will share what my recovery week looks like.

Monday                   peaceful walk
Tuesday                  yin yoga
Wednesday             whole body workout
Thursday                 rest day
Friday                      football practise
Saturday                  rest day
Sunday                    peaceful walk

In my case rest week doesn't mean entirely just rest days. I will include some sort of exercise in these weeks also. But it doesn't have to be the case. I just find it really difficult not to move my body. Also, if I don't move on a regular basis, my lower back starts to ache. Having said this, I will only have a total rest week when I am sick. Do what suits you 😃 However, the point is that on recovery weeks you slow things a bit and you let your body to rest.

When and why do I arrange recovery weeks:

I try to arrange these rest weeks every 6 week. I arrange these weeks when I feel tired and my resting heart rate is up. Or when I  am super busy. In these moments it is better to let your body rest and not exhaust it anymore. As you know that stress is a bad reaction to your body and if you workout when your body is super stressed, you develop OTS (overtrain syndrome). I think it is important to let your body rest and ease tight muscles. Also, in these weeks when I don't workout so much I have extra time to do something else and that feels amazing. Doing something entirely different for a few days will fuel my motivation to work out again! After these recovery weeks I look forward to working out hard again!

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