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The Amazing Effects of Yoga

Are you into Yoga? I sure am! But I haven't always been.. I started my yoga journey when we lived in Asia. Before that I had thought many times of starting yoga but I didn't have a good opportunity. So there I was living in Malaysia with so many experienced yoga practitioners and I thought this is the right time. This is it. I signed for a Hatha Yoga class. As it turned out, this was love at first sight. At the end of the lesson I couldn't quite believe how relaxed and at peace I felt. So I continued to practise yoga at least once a week. After we moved back to Finland, I continued practising yoga. This was right after I found out about Yogaia , online classes. I have used this website ever since. Nowadays I try to do yoga at least once a week from Yogaia and in the weekend mornings I do my own version of yoga.  Here are benefits I have gained from practising Yoga: It makes me more relaxed. After I have done yoga all the tension is gone from my body. When I

Consider This Before Taking Any Supplements..

There is a lot of controversial information and studies about supplements which may confuse people. Are they necessary? Which brands should I use? Is there any harm in taking them? As you all know I consume supplements but my intake of vitamins has reduced as I have studied about supplements. I wrote about in here . In my opinion some supplements might give you extra boost if you live a stressful life and you are very active (this meaning working out a lot) and in some cases like if your diet is dairy-free, then definitely you should take calcium , or if you are a vegetarian, you need vitaminB12 and in the northern countries you need vitamin D . Besides these, there are a lot of studies about the benefits of taking probiotics to ensure your gut health. Studies about the importance of gut health has increased tremendously within last ten years. However, on other cases there are a few things you should consider before taking any supplements. Some people may think that it won’t h

My Healthy Evening Routines

Previously I posted a post about  my healthy morning routines . As it has been one of my most popular posts, I decided to do a healthy evening routine post as well.  Usually my evening routines starts with a stretch or a foam roller session or sometimes I do yoga. This is just a quick relaxation moment and a mental note that it is time to start my evening routines. And I want to be honest: I don't always have time for this because I  need to take care of my family. But then I will stretch or use foam roll when I was Netflix. After stretching I take a shower or go to a sauna. If I have a sauna day, I will put on a honey mask. This is simple: just cleanse your face and put some honey on your face. After this, your skin will be very soft. The honey will disinfect and calm your skin if you have blemishes.  Then it's time for a dinner or a snack. Usually I eat a bit light in the evening. Read more here . So, what is it that I eat? If I have enough time to prep

Get Glowing Skin Tomato -Recipe

If you are wondering why I have only been making two posts per week instead of previous three times a week, it is because I want to invest in the quality of my posts and not just post something . And as this is my hobby, I want to keep it that way and not stress about it. Also I have other things in life going on right now. I will tell you about these later on. . Okay, back to this post..Previously, I wrote 5 things I used to clear up my skin and in there I mentioned that I have been eating a lot of tomato soup. In this post I will share this recipe with you. This soup is really delicious, healthy, quick to prepare and inexpensive. It has been one of my go-to recipes during the past years. I love soups which are healthy and ease to prepare. Sometimes when I am in search of recipes and if something sounds good but the ingredient list is long and if it takes a lot of time to actually prepare the food, I will skip it. I love cooking but who has time to spend hours in the kitchen? 

10 Ways to Make Your Vitamins Work Better

As many of you,like myself, take vitamins on a regular basis, there are certain "rules" which you should bare in mind when you take supplements.  So, I would like to give you tips about how to make your vitamins work even better. Let's jump right into it, shall we. These pictures are from Doha's Evergreen Vegan cafe. Take them with food. In general your vitamins will absorb better if you take them with your meals. Schedule them: take Magnesium in the evening and vitamin B * in the morning. By taking Magnesium * in the evening will ensure you a restful sleep. Read more here . Other supplements, especially multivitamins * might cheer you up so take them in the morning. Take caffeine into consideration. Caffeine deprives iron and calcium. Take your vitamins 30 minutes after your coffee. Besides, consume your coffee with milk or other vegetable milk, such as almond milk or oat milk. Read more why I gave up coffee . Pair them correctly: vi

How to Shop Healthy on a Budget?

According to a research (Sandmaier, 2007) only 3% of Americans eat healthfully, engage in regular physical activity, maintain a healthy weight and do not smoke. This is quite alarming. Why is it so hard to eat healthy food? Is it because people think it cost more or is it more convenient to buy fast and processed food? Eating healthy food doesn't always mean high cost. In fact, when you take advantage of seasonal produce, your shopping bills will become smaller. By eating in season fruits and vegetables you can save a ton! Besides, in season fruits are always fresh so they taste better. In this post I will share a seasonal produce guide. This will help you to save money and eat fresh produce!   Seasonal produce guide: Choose following fruits and vegetables in each month. April and May : broccoli, apples, artichoke, spinach, peas, orange June and July : apricot, blueberries, cantaloupe, corn, cucumber, cherries, summer squash, tomatoes, strawberries A

5 Things I Used to Clear Up My Skin

Are you one of those people who have had issues with your skin? I sure have had my struggles with my combination and sensitive skin. My skin is really sensitive so it reacts easily to any changes whether it be the exposure of dry airplane air, hormonal changes, changes in my diet, trying out a new facial cleanser or lotion or a change in the climate. And living in a country which has 4 seasons doesn't help at all...However, recently I have noticed a different glow in my face and I haven't had any breakouts at all. Therefore, I would like to share with you 5 things I used which cleared up my skin. And these don't include any cosmetics. In my opinion less is more when you consume cosmetics into your skin and diet and healthy lifestyle habits are what ultimately make a difference. Of course different lotions can help but it is the other factors which count more... 5 Things I tried to clear up my skin: Green tea *: I drank more organic green tea. I  quit drinking c

Are You Throwing Money into Your Bin?

Let’s talk about food waste. According to studies Finnish people have a lot of food waste, approximately they throw into the trash bin worth 125 euros per year per person. In my opinion that’s a lot! I have to confess that in my own household this has happened as well. But I decided that this has to come to an end!  Here is what I did to stop wasting food: I started to meal prep better. This will ensure that we will use all the food that is in the fridge. I went to grocery store only 2/3 times per week instead of every day. If you shop every day, you will spend more money and probably end up throwing food to your trash bin. I started to track my money expenditure. After I came home from shopping, I wrote down every cent I spent. Then at the end of the month I checked how much I spent. This also reduced our grocery bill because I was very aware of my spending habits. My son’s left overs are another thing. As a rule, I don’t force my son to eat everything because

Recovery Weeks: When and What to Do

Previously I mentioned that I was going to invest more in my recovery. In this post I will share what my recovery week looks like. Monday                   peaceful walk Tuesday                  yin yoga Wednesday             whole body  workout Thursday                 rest day Friday                      football practise Saturday                  rest day Sunday                    peaceful walk In my case rest week doesn't mean entirely just rest days. I will include some sort of exercise in these weeks also. But it doesn't have to be the case. I just find it really difficult not to move my body. Also, if I don't move on a regular basis, my lower back starts to ache. Having said this, I will only have a total rest week when I am sick. Do what suits you 😃 However, the point is that on recovery weeks you slow things a bit and you let your body to rest. When and why do I arrange recovery weeks: I try to arrange these rest weeks eve