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How to Recover More Quickly

This post idea came to my mind when I was quite exhausted of my weekend which consisted of three football games in consecutive days. As I wanted to improve my recovery, I went for an evening swim in a cold lake. Side note, this was in early June so the water was quite cold. First it wasn’t quite tempting to swim in a 13 degree lake but after I rose from the water it felt SO good. My body didn’t ache anymore and I truly felt empowered! Therefore this is my tip for you how to recover from a hard workout:  Swim in a cold lake! Or if this isn’t possible for you take a really cold shower or a bath. I guarantee you that after the first shock you will feel amazing!! Lots of love, Jennikatja Previous post: A Day in a Life Read more: 💗 11 Tips How to Optimize Your Recovery 💗 Recovery Weeks: When and What to Do? 💗 My Experience with Over-Training 💗 How to Recover from Pneumonia?

A Day in My Life

Today's post is a a day in a life with me 💗 This is a day in my early summer holiday in June. First, let's be honest here. There's never enough hours in the day no matter how you spend your day but I wouldn't have it any other way: I love my life as it is 💗 Now that summer is here I am truly living my best life: enjoying slow mornings or early walks in the forest, spending time with my munchkin, playing football, travelling, spending time in our boat and exploring new places... and the list goes on! I love these "day in the life peeks" so much so I hope you'll enjoy this. MORNING I got into a wake up early habit a few years ago  but I got off the groove somewhere and started again.. This morning I woke up just before 6 when my husband was leaving for work. As a result of this and especially the noise coming from downstairs as my husband was packing up, my son woke up as well. So I decided to get up too. I went for a little walk in the fore

How to Eat Healthier on a Budget

Let's face it: everyone wants to eat healthy but sometimes healthy food can be quite pricey compared to processed foods. But don't worry. Here are 10 tips how to stretch your money: 1. Plan Go shopping only twice a week when you buy most of your food items. Shopping every day will increase your grocery bill because there is always something extra you will buy. The best thing to save money is to shop less and always go shopping with a list. In the groceries stick to your list! 2. Get the Best Price Compare a few grocery shop. Shop where the food items you normally use are cheaper. 3. Compare and Contrast Goes with the former one. Also compare between products. However, bare in mind that the cheaper one is not always a good quality product. Investing in your health is always a smart thing to do.  4. Buy in Bulk It is affordable to buy in packs. Follow the sales! 5. Buy in Season It is wise to buy fruits and vegetables which are in seas

How to Stay in Shape on Holidays

This post idea came to my mind as I was on a holiday trip in  Crete . As we dined in buffet, I watched how some people ate the same kind of fast food every day: pizza, french fries, cakes, fish sticks etc. I started to wonder that if you could choose between healthy or unhealthy buffet, how many people would choose these processed foods instead of healthy salads and vegetable dishes? I don't honestly know the answer to this question but I would guess that for some people it would be hard to resist temptations.. However, I don't judge if you want to ditch healthy eating habits on a holiday and eat less healthy food. If you normally eat healthy, it is ok to let loose on holiday. Life is too short to worry about everything.. Having said this, if you want to eat good also on vacation, below are my tips how to make better choices and stay in shape on your holiday. Choose wisely As the headline suggests choose healthy food. You know what I mean: vegetables, salads, grille

What I Eat in A Day on a Boat

Greetings from  Lake Saimaa ! I'm #livingmylife so just a quick post today ☺I thought I would share with you what I eat in a day on a boat trip. One of my most read post has been  What I eat in a day  so this is a new version of that.  Ok, I have to be honest here, eating healthy on a boat trip isn't the easiest option. Overall it never is the easiest choice if you want to eat healthy when you travel. But it is definitely worth it! When you are travelling by boat you need to plan ahead everything what you eat. Lucky for us I am used to plan everything in our life ☺✊  Traditional finnish food in the summer time in the camp fire places consist of sausages, steaks, bacon, grilled chicken, corn etc and those food items are not optimal choices if you want to reduce the amount of meat you eat (as I am now currently doing). However, I refuse to eat "traditionally" so I came up with different alternatives. More limitations cause the fact that I'm gluten free an

5 Effective Weight Loss Drinks

When it comes to losing weight, there is a lot of different kinds of detox packages and weight loss drinks available. However, I would not recommend using these products because they only offer short term benefits if any benefits at all. Instead I encourage to use a weight loss method which is sustainable. Usually this is acquiring healthy eating and exercising habits for life. You can achieve this by following my online nutrition programmes . Surely different starter kits, such as detox kits and ready to eat soup diets may come in handy but eventually when you have lost some weight, you should opt for methods which offer permanent results. Therefore, in this post I will share with you 5 effective weight loss drink recipes. I would like to remind you that drinking these drinks are not your only diet.  On the contrary, these are recommended beside your healthy meals and these healthy drinks could replace your other sugary sodas and juices..Besides they are also healthy and delicio

Healthy Summer Snacks

I came up with this post idea as I was on our boat spending a lovely summer day.  Side note, almost all of my post ideas come to my mind when I'm feeling good or relaxed. Before we went to our boat I was wondering what kind of healthy food to bring with us. As you know, I don't want to fuel my body with processed food, sausages, meat, meatballs etc so these food items should be something different. As I went to the grocery shop, I was thinking that as a matter of fact it is very easy to eat healthy during the summer time! When it's summer, there are a lot of local fresh vegetables, berries and fruits available. What a better time to eat a bit light than summer! Now is the perfect time to enjoy these healthy summer snacks. Strawberries  Blueberries Peas Cherries Cherry tomatoes Kiwis Bananas Apples Coconut water Dates Raw chocolate Cabbage Sweet peppers Avocados I made this yummy, sugar free Raw Strawberry Cake as a dessert. The re

The Clear Water Paradise Crete

This was my second time in Crete and it was also as enjoyable as the first time. Perhaps even more enjoyable because I was in no rush to go anywhere. As I was solo parenting in this trip I didn't have any other "goals" than just have fun with my son and ask him what he would like to do 😊 We went to bed early, got up early. Our day was somwhat following:  We did a morning workout, ate breakfast, headed for the beach, ate lunch, relaxed in our room, swam again, watched football and ate again. This was very relaxing indeed.  What I love the most about Greek and especially Crete are the clear water beaches and Greek food. Greek people are among one of the healthiest people on Earth due to their nutrition habits. So if you eat Greek food you cannot go wrong.. I can highly recommended Crete to everyone, especially those who love to travel to a place which is clean, peaceful and safe. There is so much more than just beaches in there, not to mention about Ancient Gree