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How to Eat Healthier on a Budget

Let's face it: everyone wants to eat healthy but sometimes healthy food can be quite pricey compared to processed foods. But don't worry. Here are 10 tips how to stretch your money:

1. Plan

Go shopping only twice a week when you buy most of your food items. Shopping every day will increase your grocery bill because there is always something extra you will buy. The best thing to save money is to shop less and always go shopping with a list. In the groceries stick to your list!

2. Get the Best Price

Compare a few grocery shop. Shop where the food items you normally use are cheaper.

3. Compare and Contrast

Goes with the former one. Also compare between products. However, bare in mind that the cheaper one is not always a good quality product. Investing in your health is always a smart thing to do. 

4. Buy in Bulk

It is affordable to buy in packs. Follow the sales!

5. Buy in Season

It is wise to buy fruits and vegetables which are in season. They taste better and are cheaper than other fruits and vegetables. I wrote about in here.

6. Convenience costs, go back to basics!

If you want to buy vegetables or salad leaves which are already washed and sliced, prepare to pay extra. On the other hand, if you buy just vegetables and fruits in their original forms, you'll save.

7. Choose low cost options

Try beans for a cheaper protein source. Buy carrots, greens and potatoes. They are usually the least expensive.

8. Cook once, eat all week!

This way you will use all the left overs. If you are willing to eat the same food each day.. If not then cook every other day.

9. Get creative!

Think what you can prepare from your left-overs or whatever ingredients you find in your fridge. This is how I prepare my salads.

10. Avoid eating out

I don't think I need to remind you how eating out is expensive...Besides you don't know how the food is prepared so it is safer to cook your own meals and use fresh and good ingredients.


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