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The Clear Water Paradise Crete

This was my second time in Crete and it was also as enjoyable as the first time. Perhaps even more enjoyable because I was in no rush to go anywhere. As I was solo parenting in this trip I didn't have any other "goals" than just have fun with my son and ask him what he would like to do 😊 We went to bed early, got up early. Our day was somwhat following:  We did a morning workout, ate breakfast, headed for the beach, ate lunch, relaxed in our room, swam again, watched football and ate again. This was very relaxing indeed. 

What I love the most about Greek and especially Crete are the clear water beaches and Greek food. Greek people are among one of the healthiest people on Earth due to their nutrition habits. So if you eat Greek food you cannot go wrong..

I can highly recommended Crete to everyone, especially those who love to travel to a place which is clean, peaceful and safe. There is so much more than just beaches in there, not to mention about Ancient Greek temples. 

Working out on a holiday makes my day ✊


Lots of love,


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