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My Happy Place Lake Saimaa

Pictures tell more than a thousand words so this post is all about my summer holiday on Lake Saimaa. We bought a new boat last winter so as my husband's summer holiday started we headed for a boat trip. All these pictures are taken from our trip.   Before I met husband I haven't been on boat trips, so I have to say that experiencing them has opened up my eyes: there are so many beautiful places out there but places which are only accessible by a boat. In these places there are no roads, just tracks, a privy, a camp fire place and plenty of bird, blueberries sand trees. This is the place where my mind rests as I listen to the birds chirp and waves hit the rocks. As you know I am a  morning person  so mornings on the boat are the best! There's nothing like waking up early, exercising (running or hitting the stairs/hills) in the forest, going for a swim and later enjoying a healthy breakfast watching the sun rise 🙏 Surrounded by peace

When Should You Buy Organic?

Organic food is now in fashion but are organic products a guarantee of a healthier food? In fact, there is a lot of controversial evidence on this matter. Read more:  Is organic more nutritious?  or Think organic is better for you?  However, whatever the studies show, if you want to decrease the intake of preservatives and pesticides, I would suggest to choose organic whenever it is possible for you. I would love to buy everything organic but it isn't a reality. This is because they aren't always available in my grocery shop and organic tend to cost more than normal produce. So, I have applied a method that I will choose organic according to the fact which fruits and vegetables contain more chemicals and pesticides than others. I will call these the dirty dozen. On the other hand, there are clean fifteen fruits and vegetables which are the lowest in pesticides. In this case, I don't have to buy these organic because they are safer and "cleaner" than the fruits an

I´m Travelling to...

As I mentioned in my Summer Holiday to Do -post , I am going on a special trip with my son.. This time we are going to Greece!! Wuhuu! So now the first weeks of my holiday has passed and as I am travelling soon, I am going to disconnect from everything: social media and this blog. Teaching is a hard job and after a long semester you really need to just rest and get your mind off from any creative work. As I said before "a rested mind is a creative mind" it is so true in my case. Writing this blog is a hobby for me and I want to keep it that way so by taking this week off I am trying not to stress about anything. Most of my blog topics come easily when I am exercising or enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. Usually the best topics pop up when I have rested extremely well and feel very happy and blessed. Therefore, this is my way of taking off and "brewing" new post ideas. In the mean while have a look at this amazing scenery which awaits us: These pictu

Why Are Cola Drinks So Addictive?

Did you know that in Argentina people drink the most soft drinks in the world? Their annual consumption is 155 liters per capita.  Not far behind is number two, the USA with 154 liters per capita. Americans are one of the largest consumers of the soda drinks in the world because of their modern lifestyle and high incomes. As it is very common to drink colas or other soft drinks but I have heard many people saying that they cannot stop drinking them. I started to wonder what is it that makes drinking Coca-Cola so addictive? Is it the caffeine, sugar or the artificial sweeteners? Besides what's the harm in drinking Coca-Cola? Below I will examine these three issues. Caffeine content The caffeine content in a 330ml serving of regular (sugar) Coca-Cola is about 32 mg. Compared to a a mug of coffee which contains 100 mg of caffeine that is a bit less. According to the Coca-Cola company the caffeine in their drinks is not addictive. However, if you are really sensitive to caffein

The Top 10

It's time for a top ten post! I'm actually a nerd who loves statistics and I also like to read other bloggers's top ten lists so here is mine. I was thinking that this is a perfect time to publish mine as I have been blogging for half a year now and as it is my summer holiday, I try to enjoy it and take it easy. In the meanwhile here are the top ten most favourite posts: summer pictures 1.  I quit drinking coffee and it changed my life! People find this post mostly on google. When I was writing this coffee post I didn't have any idea that so many people would read it! I am impressed! Goes to show that specific and healthy topics relating to every day life are in demand. 2.  My healthy morning routines I loved writing this post. It is quite clear now how much I love to workout in the mornings and enjoy a slow and healthy breakfast 💗 3. My view on Doha This was a lovely trip. I enjoyed going for a coffee in the early morning and wr

This Summer I'm Going to...

My summer holiday is finally here! It feels amazing to know that I'll have enough time to rest and just do the things I love doing. But what are my summer holiday plans? In this post I will share these simple things I look forward doing. In my summer holiday I am going to: 1. Swim Last year when we were on a boat a lot I really got into swimming. As Finland is a land of thousands lakes we Finns really should take advantage of our clean and fresh lakes. Swimming in a cold water boosts your immunity and aids your body to recover from a workout. It truly is an empowering feeling after you rise from the cold water! 2. Invest in my recovery and sleep Rest is so important. When I have had a good night's sleep, I am able to create interesting blog posts. I'll admit it that sometimes I have too much on my plate but that is because I get so easily excited about life and  new things that I don´t always notice how this will drain my energy levels in the long run. I am tryin

4 Ingredient Healthy Herbal Smoothie

Everyone loves fresh herbs, right? Lately I have added these fresh herbs in my smoothie and I think I have found the perfect smoothie recipe! The secret ingredient in this smoothie is the use of herbs. You can modify this recipe by altering the herb. I used lemon balm which is an excellent herb and gives a distinct flavour to the smoothie. By using different herbs you can really top up your smoothie and gain many health benefits. I personally love using herbs in every cooking! Healthy Herbal Smoothie Lemon balm Protein powder * 1 frozen banana sunflower seeds * or a half avocado 1.Mix them in a mixer and enjoy! Other herbs you can use: Mint Mint is refreshing and has a lot of antioxidants. It is also rich in calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. Mint also helps with digestive issues and bloating. Basil This herb is rich in essential oils which have anti-inflammtory properties. Basil has many anti-aging benefits because it is