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The Top 10

It's time for a top ten post! I'm actually a nerd who loves statistics and I also like to read other bloggers's top ten lists so here is mine. I was thinking that this is a perfect time to publish mine as I have been blogging for half a year now and as it is my summer holiday, I try to enjoy it and take it easy.

In the meanwhile here are the top ten most favourite posts:

summer pictures

1. I quit drinking coffee and it changed my life!

People find this post mostly on google. When I was writing this coffee post I didn't have any idea that so many people would read it! I am impressed! Goes to show that specific and healthy topics relating to every day life are in demand.

2. My healthy morning routines

I loved writing this post. It is quite clear now how much I love to workout in the mornings and enjoy a slow and healthy breakfast 💗

3.My view on Doha

This was a lovely trip. I enjoyed going for a coffee in the early morning and writing this blog. This holiday was a mix of a culture and a beach holiday. Very relaxing indeed.

4.9 Tips how to improve your sleep

Sleep is a topic which I am very passionate about. I love sleeping and I invest in my sleep a lot. This meaning that I seldom take away from my sleep and stay up late. I'd rather have a good night's sleep than stay awake and party 😄 Priorities.

5. What do the healthiest people on earth eat?

I was inspired to write this post because I travelled to Greece last summer. Greek food is super good and healthy. Also I admire how Greek people live. We could all follow their example!

6. 2 simple tips how to lose weight

I like to keep it simple and this post is simple 😊

7. Detox series part 1: 5 tips how to lose weight

Weight loss tips are always in demand!

8. What I eat in a day

Somehow people are interested in what every one else eats 😁

9.How becoming a morning person made me more productive

Ever since I became a morning person , I have more energy and I am more content in my life. I encourage you to try this!

10. 13 tips how to flatten your belly

Weight loss tips are popular 😊 These tips have helped myself as well. After you have a baby many mothers have issues with their stomach and loose skin. That is only natural because your belly has expanded a lot during those 9 months!

Do you have any topic suggestions? I'd love if you left your suggestions/comments in the comment section below 💗 More health tips have been asked so I will definitely do a post on them later on.

Lots of love,


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