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My Happy Place Lake Saimaa

Pictures tell more than a thousand words so this post is all about my summer holiday on Lake Saimaa.

We bought a new boat last winter so as my husband's summer holiday started we headed for a boat trip. All these pictures are taken from our trip.  

Before I met husband I haven't been on boat trips, so I have to say that experiencing them has opened up my eyes: there are so many beautiful places out there but places which are only accessible by a boat. In these places there are no roads, just tracks, a privy, a camp fire place and plenty of bird, blueberries sand trees. This is the place where my mind rests as I listen to the birds chirp and waves hit the rocks.

As you know I am a morning person so mornings on the boat are the best! There's nothing like waking up early, exercising (running or hitting the stairs/hills) in the forest, going for a swim and later enjoying a healthy breakfast watching the sun rise 🙏 Surrounded by peace and quitness 👌 What a perfect way to start your day! Nature really heals everything..These clear water islands are my happy place ❤

What is your happy place?


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