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Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies or smoothie bowls are really popular nowadays and I can see the reason why: they are quick and easy to prepare and by consuming them you can add nutritional value to your day. Here’s a post to you about my favorite smoothies. Strawberry bliss Strawberries 1 frozen banana Water Protein powder * For some extra nutritional value you can add Maca powder * and Green powder *. Sweet Red Frozen lingonberries A cup of spinach Sunflower seeds Frozen banana Protein powder * Water (Maca powder, Green powder) Power Punch Blackcurrants A cup of Basil leaves Frozen banana Protein powder * Sunflower seeds Water Fresh and Sweet (includes dairy) 2dl quark Blueberries/raspberries Frozen banana Water Protein powder * I personally use just water as a liquid because I don’t use dairy or don’t want to waste my money on almond milk or oat milk. Water will just do the same trick! You can vary your smoothies by u

11 Tips How to Optimize Your Recovery

The basic factors in general well-being are sleep, exercise, rest and food. Thus, what makes a fitness or wellness program successful is the relationship between rest and active days. In an optimized wellness or fitness program rest and recovery has a significant role. In fact, all the development happens when your body and muscles have enough time to recover from exercises. So as you start to exercise more and regularly it is important to remember to schedule enough rest days and rest weeks to your work out plans. For some people, like me, who get too excited about sports and working out in general, adding recovery weeks in every 6-7 weeks will ensure that you will not end up having OTS (Overtraining Syndrome).  What is OTS?  It is a severe condition you could acquire if you train too hard, too often and have little recovery. Over-training can cause sleep problems, weight gain, cravings and poor immune system functions. Top coaches and personal trainers know that the se

What's in My Grocery Bag?

For those of you who love to watch and peek into other people´s 'what I eat in a day' or 'what's inside my grocery bag', here is a post to you 💗 Today`s post will be about what's in my grocery bag. I made a food haul from Lidl. Usually I shop in bigger supermarkets, because they have a better selection of vegetables and fruits and their products are cheaper. Ultimately, the fact that matters most to me is the grocery store's selection on fruits and vegetables. I want to buy good quality and fresh produce. I try to make one bigger haul during the weekends when I buy most of our food items, such as meat, milk, grains and fruits. Then during the week I usually buy vegetables, bread and fruits because they don´t stay fresh that long. Follow me through my mini-haul: This time I bought: snacks: raw date bars and licorice protein bars from Sportyfeel  nuts and grains: these are really handy at work! cherry tomatoes: my absolute favouri

9 Tips How to Improve Your Sleep at Night

We have all been in there: tossing and turning at night because you can't fall asleep. Many things, even the most insignificant things are on your mind and no matter how you try not to pay attention to these thoughts they distract you from falling into sleep. I can easily relate to this. I have always been a "bad sleeper" whatever the term suggests.. However, within past few years I have studied about how to improve my sleep at night and I have made some progress. Before my sleeping habits were somewhat following:  On workdays I went to bed at 10 or 11 pm. My evening routines were like this: coming home from practice around 8 pm, having dinner, going to the shower and watching TV until 10 pm, sometimes even later. During the weekends I stayed up late: went to bed around 11 or 12 pm. I slept until 10 or 11 am. I didn't try to relax myself more in the evenings and especially on Sundays I felt anxious to go to bed around 9 or 10pm because I wasn't tired and

13 Tips How to Flatten Your Belly

"Abs are made in the kitchen" is a common sentence you hear nowadays and I couldn't agree more.  Having said that, exercise and working out is also very important if you want to have a flat belly. By exercising you will make sure that your metabolism keeps on going through the day. However, in this post I will present you tips in how to shrink your tummy in the kitchen. Flat belly tips: Number one rule is to eat regularly and enough so you will manage your cravings. It is so much easier to resist temptations when you are not hungry. You have to give up all sugary sweets, on the exception on your cheat meal- days or other time when you allow yourself something "unhealthy". Chew your food properly in order to have better digested food. Undigested food can cause bloating and we don't want that. Moreover, this way you will have to eat slower so you will be able to notice when you are actually full. Speaking of bloating, avoid foo

Detox-series (Part 6): 10 Tips to Detoxify Your Body

This is the last part of my detox-series. It is a known fact that people crave for definite tips and advise how to live healthier and how to detoxify your body. But since our bodies biochemistry is different, it is not always possible to apply general principles to each person's health or to give definite answers. Therefore it is best to pay attention to our surroundings, the way we live and what our bodies are telling us. Having said that, there are some general principles that apply to everyone: feeling healthy is about having energy, eating a balanced and nutritious diet, sleeping well and most importantly being in a positive frame of mind. In addition, exercising regularly and adopting a non-toxic lifestyle backs up good health. One more thing about chemicals. As you know they are not doing any good in our systems, in fact, they are harming our bodies and are preventing our bodies from detoxifying properly. In this case our bodies are forced to fight just to stay healthy a

Detox-series (Part 5): 9 Healthy Snack Ideas + Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

It's time for some advice relating to eating healthy and detoxifying your body. But first, hands up: who doesn't crave for something sweet in the afternoons? Next time when this craving hits you, instead of grabbing a chocolate bar, remember that there are so much better and healthier options. Most of my snack ideas are based on organic fruits because by eating organic, your body will get minerals and fibers which will help in the removal of toxins from your body. Healthy snacks:  Cherry tomatoes Carrot sticks Raw chocolate * Berries with  protein pancake * organic fruits, such as orange and apple slices Banana bread (recipe here ) Rice cakes with almond, Himalayan pink salt, pepper and garlic or with peanut butter and banana slices. Greek yogurt with fresh or dried fruits and berries. Strawberry-avocado ice cream. Strawberry-avocado ice cream 1 avocado (organic) 1/2 lemon (organic) 2 cups of frozen strawberries 1 tbsp honey (organ

Detox-series (4): Abs -Workout + 8 Tips for Weight Loss

Let's be honest here. Who doesn't dream of a tight or ripped core? Or that you could wear any type of shirt without having to wonder if someone thinks or at the worst case asks that are you pregnant. Yup, that has happened to me as well. Especially after having my child I have had a hard time getting back my pre-baby flat belly. I think it gets even harder after having several children.. Having said that, acquiring flat belly requires hard work (exercise and paying attention to what you put in your mouth)but it is not impossible. In this post I will concentrate only abs workout and later on about the diet. In order to effectively train the core it comes down to the three planes of motion: frontal, sagittal, and transverse. In addition, doing abs exercises in a circuit style  keeps the intensity high and will likely lead to more fat loss. Also,  I recommend doing exercises in which your whole body is active instead of using machines meant for abs because  b odyweight exercis

Detox -series (3):Preservatives and Pesticides -How Harmful are They?

We all know that preservatives are chemicals which are added to foods to spot them from spoiling. But what most of us don't know is that some preservatives can cause reactions to sensitive people with symptoms such as skin rashes, itching, stomach aches even breathing difficulties. I am one of those sensitive people. I realized this after I had paid attention to avoid preservatives and then added some of those into my diet. On a daily basis I try to maintain a diet which doesn't include a lot of preservatives. The more you study about these, the more difficult it is to avoid them completely because food industry puts them in almost everywhere: cans, cereals, milk, almond milk, ready-to eat meals, bread, soft drinks, cheese, margarine, dried fruits, wine, you name it. However, making vegetables, seeds and fruits the main part of your diet and adding meat, fish, chicken and whole grains you can accomplish a lot. Back to my own experiences with preservatives. I used to c