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Detox- Series: Part 1: 5 Tips How to Lose Weight

Here comes the first post of my detox- series. Everyone knows that detoxification means getting rid of harmful toxins in your body. What people usually don't know is that losing weight is one mean to do this because toxins, such as synthetic chemicals build up in fatty tissue. So as you lose weight, you feel better and be more energised because toxins are being removed from your body as they will lose their living space as the amount of fatty tissue decreases in your body.

Thus the topic of this post is weight loss as I know it is a popular topic after New Year. It is easy to make up your mind and start a new project when the year changes and you have indulged during the holidays. However, there have been researches that many New Year's resolutions don't last so I hope that for you, if you have decided to lose weight, this isn't the case. Having said that I love "fresh starts" and new beginnings so I want to share my tips about weight loss.. 

5 tips how to lose weight:

  • First focus on your diet because diet is a significant part of the weight loss equation. Then make changes in your exercise routines. Remember to be active on a daily basis!

  • Always read nutrition labels. You might be shocked about the fact how many products include sugar! As a rule of thumb, buy stuff which have fewer ingredients, especially when it comes to artificial sweeteners and preservatives. In this case the fewer, the better. This is how you eat "real" food.

  • Master your portions. It ultimately comes down to your portion control. Eat a bit less but don't finish your meal so that you are still too hungry.

  • Have some flexibility in your diet and weight-loss program. Too strict diets don't work! You will only end up craving those treats which you are not allowed to eat. Allow yourself to eat something "forbidden" every week but in a small amounts.

  • Lastly invest in your sleep. Go to bed earlier. Seriously. If you have slept poorly that will have impact on your will power as I noticed before Christmas.. I slept very poorly one night so after I came home from work, I was feeling pretty exhausted. All I wanted to do was to lie down on my couch and eat candies. I find it that in these situations you have two choices: to give into your cravings or hit the gym. Luckily I chose the latter. After that gym session I felt empowered! However, if you give in in a moments like these, please don't feel too guilty about it. Next time you will choose better!

detox ingredients

To conclude, the funny thing about maintaining your ideal weight is that the less you think about it, the better chance you will achieve your ideal weight.. I have noticed this in myself: the less I try to control my weight, the better the results usually are. I think this has to do something with stress. When we are stressed, the cortisol levels of our blood rises and our body will crave more food which creates the feeling of hunger. During this stress period people usually choose food items which will produce delight, such as sugary or fatty delicacies. In addition the cortisol will make it easier for the fat to build up in our bodies. So let's work our stress levels and try to do something enjoyable every day 💓

Wishing all the best for your fresh starts,


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  1. Maybe I should put "lose weight" on this year's resolution. I've been overweight for year and I'm glad there are ways to lose weight w/c does not include vaser lipo for it is too expensive.

  2. I agree that it's always a good choice to invest in your health! Start slowly and naturally. Those choices will carry you a long way. First start with your diet and then add exercise to your routines. When you start to lose weight, it will motivate you to work even harder. Remember that it is all about changing your life style habits into healthier ones! Quick fixes, like cosmetic procedures won't last long. All the best to your project ❤️


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