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13 Tips How to Flatten Your Belly

"Abs are made in the kitchen" is a common sentence you hear nowadays and I couldn't agree more.  Having said that, exercise and working out is also very important if you want to have a flat belly. By exercising you will make sure that your metabolism keeps on going through the day. However, in this post I will present you tips in how to shrink your tummy in the kitchen.

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Flat belly tips:

  • Number one rule is to eat regularly and enough so you will manage your cravings. It is so much easier to resist temptations when you are not hungry.

  • You have to give up all sugary sweets, on the exception on your cheat meal- days or other time when you allow yourself something "unhealthy".

  • Chew your food properly in order to have better digested food. Undigested food can cause bloating and we don't want that. Moreover, this way you will have to eat slower so you will be able to notice when you are actually full.

  • Speaking of bloating, avoid food products which make you feel bloated. For me they are dairy, gluten, preservatives and artificial sweeteners (xylitol as well). Also, cauliflowers or other cabbages and onions can cause bloating. 

  • Eat easy digestible food, such as soups and smoothies.

  • Eat small portion sizes many times a day.

  • Switch your potatoes and pastas to salad lunches with chicken, vegetable protein or fish.

  • At the gym concentrate on whole body movements and activating your abs in every movement, crunches aren't just enough. Read more here.

  • Don't sit too long. Stand up every 30 minutes and stretch or take a few steps. This keeps your metabolism going on. I cannot highlight enough how important it is to keep moving all day long. Your body is made to move!

  • Use spices, such as chili and cayenne pepper, in your food to give taste and give a boost to your metabolism.

  • Eat good fats: avocados, seeds (sunflower & pumpkin seeds) and nuts.

  • Try mini fasts and give your digestive system a 12 hour break each day: if your last meal is at 7 pm, eat next morning at 7am.

  • Last but not least try not to stress about it too much. Stress only does damage to your metabolism.

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