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Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies or smoothie bowls are really popular nowadays and I can see the reason why: they are quick and easy to prepare and by consuming them you can add nutritional value to your day. Here’s a post to you about my favorite smoothies.

Strawberry bliss

Sweet Red

  • Frozen lingonberries
  • A cup of spinach
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Frozen banana
  • Protein powder*
  • Water
  • (Maca powder, Green powder)

Power Punch

  • Blackcurrants
  • A cup of Basil leaves
  • Frozen banana
  • Protein powder*
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Water

Fresh and Sweet (includes dairy)

  • 2dl quark
  • Blueberries/raspberries
  • Frozen banana
  • Water
  • Protein powder*


I personally use just water as a liquid because I don’t use dairy or don’t want to waste my money on almond milk or oat milk. Water will just do the same trick!
You can vary your smoothies by using different protein powders. I usually use unflavored and unsweetened ones because I like that my smoothies get the taste from the berries I use. Here is a list of my favorites:

Vege Protein*

Whey Double Rich Chocolate*

Moreover, I choose my protein powder so that they are good quality products and that they don’t have artificial sweeteners, such as sucralose or aspartame (read more the side effects of aspartame, aspartame and health-risks or health risks and sucralose). If you want to take the extra benefit from your smoothies, I’ll advise you to do the same. I just don’t see the point in filling your healthy smoothie with harmful ingredients...

If you prefer your smoothies to be fluffier, use less water and more protein powder or frozen bananas, zucchini, cauliflower or avocado. Try and you will be amazed how good zucchini is in your smoothie!

Lastly, the reason why I use frozen bananas is that they give a creamier texture into the smoothie. In addition when my bananas ripe too much or my son doesn’t finish his evening banana (I give a banana to him in the evening because it helps him to sleep better), I try to minimize food waste so I put every left over fruit into the freezer.

                            What are the ingredients in your favourite smoothie?

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