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Detox -series (3):Preservatives and Pesticides -How Harmful are They?

We all know that preservatives are chemicals which are added to foods to spot them from spoiling. But what most of us don't know is that some preservatives can cause reactions to sensitive people with symptoms such as skin rashes, itching, stomach aches even breathing difficulties. I am one of those sensitive people. I realized this after I had paid attention to avoid preservatives and then added some of those into my diet.

On a daily basis I try to maintain a diet which doesn't include a lot of preservatives. The more you study about these, the more difficult it is to avoid them completely because food industry puts them in almost everywhere: cans, cereals, milk, almond milk, ready-to eat meals, bread, soft drinks, cheese, margarine, dried fruits, wine, you name it. However, making vegetables, seeds and fruits the main part of your diet and adding meat, fish, chicken and whole grains you can accomplish a lot.

Back to my own experiences with preservatives. I used to consume a lot of protein bars which are far from natural products with its preservatives. The reason why I used these is that they are really handy if you are hungry and I thought I was giving my body some extra protein to gain more muscle mass. However, I noticed that after enjoying a bar which included Sucralose or Aspartame, I got a headache or a stomach cramps or both. In addition, even as I had just ate, I was feeling hungry again. So I thought to myself that THIS cannot be normal. Those preservatives were signalling to my brain that here comes food but in reality instead my stomach got preservatives and not real food which my brain interpreted that I still need food. As a result preservatives were doing tricks on my brain.

Besides preservatives, there are other harmful chemicals, such as pesticides. Average person's pesticide exposure comes from the residue of agricultural chemicals on fresh fruits and vegetables which we eat every day. How to avoid these preservatives and pesticides? The answer is to buy organic food. By doing this you can reduce the amount of pesticides in your body dramatically. In addition avoid eating processed or any packaged food which have a lot of preservatives. There have been studies which indicate that eating organic food results in lower levels of toxins in your body, for instance your pesticide levels will be lower. This will result to:

 Healthy soil= healthy food= healthy bodies

In addition eat more vegetables and less meat to avoid toxin -grabbing animal fat. For further reading about toxins in our body, I recommend Bruce Lourie's and Rick Smith's Toxin-Toxout (Get your copy from  here * or  here*). Since I  have done a lot of research on organic food and harmful chemicals, I will do a post on them later if you are interested. This is a topic which intrigues me in so many ways and I find myself reading more and more books about this subject. I think people are starting to be concerned about the amount of chemicals we "use" every day.

Stay tuned for Detox-series part 4: Abs-workout and tips for weight loss,


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