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15 Tips How to Heal Your Gut Microbiome

The gut and its importance to our overall health is a topic of increasing research in the medical community. Many studies have demonstrated links between gut health and the immune system, mood, mental health, autoimmune diseases, skin conditions and cancer. Needless to say it is important to take care of your second brain, the gut. I decided to share with you 15 tips how to heal your gut microbiome. 1. Drink enough water Your gut needs water to function properly. It is crucial for your gut´s mucosa and the movement of your bowel. 2. Prepare your own food Avoid products containing a lot of preservatives and additives. The purpose of preservatives is to kill bacteria and we don´t know how these affect to our intestine´s flora.  3. Avoid gluten and dairy If you already have problems with gluten and dairy, avoid these. There´s a lot of studies which indicate that these can harm your gut if you are sensitive to these. 4. Eat enough protein Your intestine renews every

Simple and Effective Weight Loss Tips

As January is a time when people decide to try new diets and want to lose extra weight, I decided to publish my posts about diets. In these posts I have shared many simple and easy tips how to lose weight. Here they are: The Best Method to Lose Weight 2 Simple Tips How to Lose Weight The Battle of Diets 5 Effective Weight Loss Tips The Secret to a Successful Weight Loss Spring Clean Your Diet How I Stopped Stress Eating 5 Tips How to Lose Weight Ultimately what it comes down to is changing your eating habits, meaning eating regularly every 3 to 4 hours and choosing healthier options. And lastly, sticking to your choices in the long run! Hope you found these tips helpful, Jennikatja Previous post:  No Stress in Cape Verde

No Stress in Cape Verde

Africa meets Middle East. That is my description of Cape Verde island Boa Vista. This was my second time in Africa, previously I visited South Africa four years ago. My experiences of Middle East date back to 2016-2017. So I would say that Boa Vista has parts of both of these countries. As a tourism place it has a lot to offer: many kilometres of fine beach, lovely weather, friendly people and good food.  The motto in this island is no stress. And that is the atmosphere in Boa Vista. We were staying in a five star all in clusive hotel so we didn't have to stress about anything. Food and beach access was always available. Although we ate a lot, I didn't feel bloated after our trip. You can read my older post about how to stay in shape on holidays . I would recommend this place for everyone. I think the place will start to attract even more tourists in the future because tourism hasn't reached its potentials. There are many quiet areas in

The Healthy Habits of Healthy People

Time to talk about healthy habits. Who doesn´t want to live healthy? Right, I thought so too.. I did some research on how healthy people live. I found following healthy habits of healthy people. 1. Move Your Body on a Daily Basis Don´t forget to strength train! As you age your muscles will get weaker so it is important to train them actively. Work out as much as possible so you will get fresh air and vitamin D. 2 . Have Breakfast Healthy people always have breakfast. I hope you do the same. It makes a lot of difference. 3. Invest in Your Recovery and Sleep Read my previous post about sleep in here . 4. Don´t Drink or Smoke I don´t drink at all. However, if sometimes I drink a glass of wine while eating out, the next morning reminds me the reasons why I don´t do this. After a few drinks the quality of your sleep will be poorer, which will make you feel even drowsier the next day. No matter if you slept 8 hours, the alcohol will reduce your deep sleep and keeps