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The Healthy Habits of Healthy People

Time to talk about healthy habits. Who doesn´t want to live healthy? Right, I thought so too.. I did some research on how healthy people live. I found following healthy habits of healthy people.

1. Move Your Body on a Daily Basis

Don´t forget to strength train! As you age your muscles will get weaker so it is important to train them actively. Work out as much as possible so you will get fresh air and vitamin D.

2. Have Breakfast

Healthy people always have breakfast. I hope you do the same. It makes a lot of difference.

3. Invest in Your Recovery and Sleep

Read my previous post about sleep in here.

4. Don´t Drink or Smoke

I don´t drink at all. However, if sometimes I drink a glass of wine while eating out, the next morning reminds me the reasons why I don´t do this. After a few drinks the quality of your sleep will be poorer, which will make you feel even drowsier the next day. No matter if you slept 8 hours, the alcohol will reduce your deep sleep and keeps you awake at night.

5. Plan Your Meals

What is common to many healthy eating diets is the increase in consuming vegetables and fruits. There´s no denying it, your diet will become better if you just eat more berries, fruits, nuts and vegetables. Start with baby steps: eat one more fruit or a vegetable each day as a snack. Here is my post about juicing. I wrote about meal planning in here and meal prep tips in here.

6. Spend Less Time on the Internet

This is a good advice to try to follow next year. We spend so much time on browsing instagram, facebook or newsfeed. When you lessen time on the internet, you will have a lot of time to do something else: stretch, talk with your friends, read a book..
It also improves your sleep too.

7. Never Stop Learning

Learning new skills will keep your brain healthy. Read more on How to stay young and healthy. I am always learning something. I find it keeps my mind sharp and makes life more interesting! There´s so much to learn about life!

8. Learn to be Mindful

According to a study 8 weeks of regular meditation can change the parts of your brain related to emotions, learning and memory. Even doing the laundry can be mindful if you do it mindfully and focus on the task. One good reason to try to implement this tip next year!

Hope you find this useful,


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