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No Stress in Cape Verde

Africa meets Middle East. That is my description of Cape Verde island Boa Vista. This was my second time in Africa, previously I visited South Africa four years ago. My experiences of Middle East date back to 2016-2017. So I would say that Boa Vista has parts of both of these countries. As a tourism place it has a lot to offer: many kilometres of fine beach, lovely weather, friendly people and good food. 

The motto in this island is no stress. And that is the atmosphere in Boa Vista. We were staying in a five star all in clusive hotel so we didn't have to stress about anything. Food and beach access was always available. Although we ate a lot, I didn't feel bloated after our trip. You can read my older post about how to stay in shape on holidays.

I would recommend this place for everyone. I think the place will start to attract even more tourists in the future because tourism hasn't reached its potentials. There are many quiet areas in the island although our hotel was fully booked. However, if you are looking for a place to be by yourself, you can find it in Boa Vista. You just have to walk along the beach. 

The best thing about this trip was excellent buffets and the sea. I love the sea. I always feel at peace by the sea.

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