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Simple Tips for a Successful Weight Loss

Lately I´ve been thinking about my blog and the direction I´m going with it. Previously, I have started to write also in Finnish because people have been asking for it. So now I´m thinking that should I write only in Finnish or both English and Finnish? I have already written some posts in English so I will publish them first, like this one. But after I have published these I will write Finnish posts and sometimes posts in English.  It should come no surprise that part of a successful weight loss involves a diet and exercise. The regular rules are eat less, exercise more and watch the pounds melt away. How then apply this knowledge into action? I´m afraid there is no perfect diet or an exercise program which fill fit for all. You have to try and see what works our for you. What I can assure you is that current weight loss is possible IF you adopt healthy life style habits and not just follow a diet for a certain period of time. There have been studies which indicate that 90 % of

Salitreenaajan ruokavalio

Tässä postauksessa esittelen uusimman ravintovalmennukseni, joka on tarkoitettu tukemaan salitreenejä. Valmennus sopii henkilöille, jotka käyvät aktiivisesti salilla (2-4 kertaa viikossa) ja joiden pääpaino treenaamisessa on lihasvoiman kasvattaminen/ylläpito. Lihasvoiman kasvattamisella en tarkoita fitness -kisoihin tai muihin kisoihin valmistautumista vaan normaalia salilla treenaamista ja kehon muokkaamista kiinteämpään suuntaan. Tämä valmennus sopii myös, jos harrastat salilla treenaamista ja kestävyys harjoittelua. SALITREENAAJAN RUOKAVALIO Tämä valmennus on tarkoitettu sinulle, joka haluat tukea saliharjoittelua ravinnon avulla ja haluat omaksua terveellisiä ruokailutottumuksia.   Voit jatkaa tätä terveellistä ruokavaliota niin kauan kuin haluat sillä tämä ruokavalio on tarkoitettu pysyväksi.   Ravitsemus on tärkeässä asemassa optimaalisten urheilusuoritusten saavuttamisessa! Salitreenaajan tulisi noudattaa terveellistä ruokavaliota ja kiinnittää huomiota proteiinin saantii

Muscle Recovery: Essential to Your Next Workout

Recovery is a very important topic. So today I thought I would post a guest post about recovery. This article has been originally published on HVMN by Nate Martins . This article will focus on the importance of recovery. Because this is an important topic for all exercisers part 2 will be published later and its focus is on techniques and exercises for recovery. Muscle recovery should be part of every training plan (specifically post-workout). But there are multiple strategies athletes can employ that lead to muscle health–even things like diet can impact how your muscles recover. Knowing what to do, and when to do it, can help avoid the injuries that’ll set you back weeks. Why is Recovery Important? An important goal of every training session is to break down muscle. Without recovery, a significant portion of that work might be a waste of time. So, what exactly happens during recovery? That’ll depend on the person and activity, but generally, four different things