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Self-care series (3): The Importance of Daily Recovery Moments

This is the third part of my self-care series. Before reading this, please read part 1 and part 2. As I mentioned before I have been interested in studying more about recovery and especially recovery moments in every day life. I think no one can deny how important it is to chill down after work. Because my days at work as a teacher are quite hectic and scheduled, I couldn't live a busy scheduled life after work every evening, for instance having many commitments in hobbies. Instead I need some kind of recovery moments every day after work. These are just simple things which I will share with you.

Below are some of my tips how to recover every day. And by recovery I don't mean recovery from an exercise. Instead recovery is your me-time, the moment when you can relax a bit.

  • Have small breaks during work day and after work. Don´t wait until in the evening. I used to think that I cannot sit on a sofa after work because it would make me feel sluggish. Now I now how important these mini breaks are. So after work I try to calm down and focus on my afternoon tea or my snack.

  • If you are really stressed out, you shouldn't do any HIIT or other intense forms of exercise. Whenever you exercise, cortisol levels will rise and your body is under a stress.If your cortisol levels are already high, tough exercise will only elevate those numbers and that is a bad thing. Don't stress your body too much.

  • Go for a short walk and breathe in the fresh air.

  • Take a short nap. 15-30 minute naps are the best!

  • Try to meditate with the help of a phone app. Try Insight Timer. Even the short ones will help you de-stress.

How to know if you are over stressed?

In case you want to know if your body is over stressed, it is easy to find out with a simple measurement: measure your orthostatic heart rate in the morning. Do the following: measure your resting heart rate in bed in the morning during one minute and then after that in a standing position. Decrease these numbers. If the number is greater than 20 you need to rest more.

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