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Simple Tips for a Successful Weight Loss

Lately I´ve been thinking about my blog and the direction I´m going with it. Previously, I have started to write also in Finnish because people have been asking for it. So now I´m thinking that should I write only in Finnish or both English and Finnish? I have already written some posts in English so I will publish them first, like this one. But after I have published these I will write Finnish posts and sometimes posts in English.

 It should come no surprise that part of a successful weight loss involves a diet and exercise. The regular rules are eat less, exercise more and watch the pounds melt away. How then apply this knowledge into action? I´m afraid there is no perfect diet or an exercise program which fill fit for all.
You have to try and see what works our for you. What I can assure you is that current weight loss is possible IF you adopt healthy life style habits and not just follow a diet for a certain period of time. There have been studies which indicate that 90 % of weight loser will gain the lost weight back within one year. Meaning that only 10 % will succeeded in making permanent results. How will these people succeed? In this post I will tell their secrets.

Succesful weight losers 

  • eat less and exercise more on a daily basis
  • monitor their weight, eating habits and exercise routines on a weekly basis
  • try and error but at the same time they learn from their mistakes
  • think flexible. It is a known fact too strict mindset won´t get you anywhere.
  • manage stress
  • have a positive self image
  • have in control of their life (stress, sleep, diet)

Fruits and berries are healthy but is there more to it than that?

Few words about changing your habits when it comes to eating. These changes have to be permanent. Weight loser can never go back to their old habits. Weigh losers should think what things can she really change for good, not just for a few weeks. Changes are easier if they are not too strict. The goal is that losing weight is as an easy journey as possible, not a misery ride. That´s where most people get it wrong. Too strict and heavy limitations won´t work. The person should think about 2-3 things she wants to change this week. Start from the easiest ones. Maybe the person is not sleeping enough which affects losing weight in every way. The person should try to go to bed one hour earlier each day. Or maybe she is not eating regularly every 3-4 hours. In the long run, usually 4-6 changes will help to achieve permanent results.

In addition it is advisable to analyze all the previous attempts losing weight. What did go wrong? What was hard? 

Finally, the most beneficial guides are the ones made with a diet counselor or a nutrition coach. In this process the coach and the client work on the problems together and find the perfect solutions which will suit for the client. If you are interested, you can find my online coaching programmes in here .

Good luck with your project 💗
Investing in your health is always a good investment!

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