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Detox-series (Part 6): 10 Tips to Detoxify Your Body

This is the last part of my detox-series. It is a known fact that people crave for definite tips and advise how to live healthier and how to detoxify your body. But since our bodies biochemistry is different, it is not always possible to apply general principles to each person's health or to give definite answers. Therefore it is best to pay attention to our surroundings, the way we live and what our bodies are telling us. Having said that, there are some general principles that apply to everyone: feeling healthy is about having energy, eating a balanced and nutritious diet, sleeping well and most importantly being in a positive frame of mind. In addition, exercising regularly and adopting a non-toxic lifestyle backs up good health.

One more thing about chemicals. As you know they are not doing any good in our systems, in fact, they are harming our bodies and are preventing our bodies from detoxifying properly. In this case our bodies are forced to fight just to stay healthy and major organs, such as liver and kidneys, can't focus on removing toxins.


Here are my tips how to detoxify your body:

  1. Exercise. Every type of exercise as long as you sweat will eliminate toxins from your body. You can try my workouts: kettlebell workout, whole body workoutand abs work out.
  2. Use prebiotics and probiotics. These will restore your gut balance and remove certain toxic compound. Gut is your second brain so gut health is very important.
  3. Go to sauna. Sauna is a great way of removing toxins because sauna makes you perspire which results in toxins being excreted from your body.
  4. Use herbal supplements. They will enhance body's natural detoxification processes. But be careful with these ones. Some commercial supplements only makes promises, not results. The best way to apply this "tip" is to use herbs, such as parsley, dandelion, peppermint and nettle. I love drinking this * dandelion drink as my coffee replacement drink.
  5. Do breathing exercises. Or if you are not into this, try meditation or yoga. Your body will instantly be more relaxed after you concentrate on your breathing.
  6. Book a massage. Massage will remove toxins from your body and dissolve knots or any tight areas in your muscle. In addition it will help you to sleep better, soothe anxiety and boost immunity.
  7. Hydrate your body. Start your morning with a glass of lemon water (squeeze half a lemon into room temperature water). Lemon is very detoxifying and it will increase your bowel movements.
  8. Try eating organic diet. I know it is not possible to completely eat organic but try to buy as many organic fruits and vegetables as possible.
  9. Try dry skin brushing. Do this brushing before a shower. This helps getting rid of dead skin cells, reduces cellulite and it stimulates lymphatic system. 
  10.  Try a little "fasting" in the forms of smoothies, soups, and no meat days. Also, eat easily digestive food. Fast at least 12 hours each day:this means that if you will have your last meal at 8 pm, eat the next time 8 am. This will give time to your organs to do a little detox.

Sources used in this post and recommended further reading:

Bruce Lourie's and Rick Smith's Toxin-Toxout *
Hanna Skyttä: Detox *

    Hope you enjoyed the detox -series and stick around for next Flat belly -post,


*These are affiliate links.

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  1. I've heard that apple cider vinegar worked incredibly well for detoxing. Two tablespoons a day for better skin and more regulated blood sugar levels - plus a more balanced pH in the body. Will give these other tips a shot as well. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for your comment! I've tried the apple cider vinegar as well and you are right about its effect! Nowadays I add it to my salad dressing and it immediately boosts my metabolism. I will do a post on that later.


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