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How to Stay in Shape on Holidays

This post idea came to my mind as I was on a holiday trip in Crete. As we dined in buffet, I watched how some people ate the same kind of fast food every day: pizza, french fries, cakes, fish sticks etc. I started to wonder that if you could choose between healthy or unhealthy buffet, how many people would choose these processed foods instead of healthy salads and vegetable dishes? I don't honestly know the answer to this question but I would guess that for some people it would be hard to resist temptations.. However, I don't judge if you want to ditch healthy eating habits on a holiday and eat less healthy food. If you normally eat healthy, it is ok to let loose on holiday. Life is too short to worry about everything.. Having said this, if you want to eat good also on vacation, below are my tips how to make better choices and stay in shape on your holiday.

Choose wisely

As the headline suggests choose healthy food. You know what I mean: vegetables, salads, grilled chicken or fish, fresh fruits...I crave healthy food even on a holiday because it makes me feel good and energetic. I want to treat my body well and give it good nutrition. If I eat unhealthy food some day, I don't feel good and the next day I want to get back on my healthy diet. It is as simple as that.

The luxury of a cook

One other thing which help me to eat well on a holiday is because for once someone is cooking for me! And perhaps it is something what I haven't tried before. I love to try new recipes and dishes and on a holiday all I have to do is to set it on my plate. The variety of the buffe depends on the hotel but nowadays when many people are vegans, also the vegan options are better so I encourage you to try vegan dishes as well.

Schedule a workout and don't drink alcohol

Other tip that helps me to stay in shape on a holiday is to be active! I usually do a morning workout during a holiday because it sets my day perfectly! What a good opportunity to schedule a workout when you have plenty of time. If you do it in the morning, it's done and I guarantee that you will feel so good the rest of the day. If you think that "oh I don't want to spend an hour in the gym"  workout doesn't have to last that long! It can only be 20 to 40 minutes. In the morning it shouldn't be longer if you workout on an empty stomach. Try my full-body bodyweight workout here. Remember to eat well in the previous evening and preferably no wine at all..This is another tip. I don't drink on holidays either. Just water and tea or coffee. Sometimes I might have a glass of wine but that's it. I don't like how the wine interferes my sleep and then I don't feel like working out in the morning. I'd rather wake up feeling refreshed!

Be active

Besides this I am active all the time: we walk, swim and play games. For me a relaxing holiday is an active holiday with a little bit of lying on the beach. It is a balance.

If you follow even some of these tips you will come back home feeling refreshed and don't need to feel guilty about your holiday eatings. If you want some guidance in your eating habits, check out my online coaching.

The best,

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