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What I Eat in A Day on a Boat

Greetings from Lake Saimaa! I'm #livingmylife so just a quick post today ☺I thought I would share with you what I eat in a day on a boat trip. One of my most read post has been What I eat in a day so this is a new version of that. 

Ok, I have to be honest here, eating healthy on a boat trip isn't the easiest option. Overall it never is the easiest choice if you want to eat healthy when you travel. But it is definitely worth it! When you are travelling by boat you need to plan ahead everything what you eat. Lucky for us I am used to plan everything in our life ☺✊ 

Traditional finnish food in the summer time in the camp fire places consist of sausages, steaks, bacon, grilled chicken, corn etc and those food items are not optimal choices if you want to reduce the amount of meat you eat (as I am now currently doing). However, I refuse to eat "traditionally" so I came up with different alternatives. More limitations cause the fact that I'm gluten free and don' t use dairy products so it is quite interesting..

Below are pictures of some foods which I have eaten: 

There are always a lot of fruits on our boat.

We had a hotel breakfast while we were in Savonlinna.

Sparkling water to get some Magnesium.

Mushroom,onion and chicken wok.

My favourite tea: Mate.

I've also eaten

Tuna sandwiches (gluten free bread)
Oat porridge for breakfast
Fried eggs
Dates and cherries
Fruits: avocados, kiwis, bananas, apples
Blueberries (from the forest)
Grilled zucchini, onions and potatoes
Chicken woks
Grilled Perch (my husband is a fisherman)
Cookies + ice cream (life is a balance, right?)

That's about it. Simple but mostly healthy food.

Right now I have lessen the amount of coffee I drink. In fact on a boat I don't drink coffee at all. This has made me calmer, less agitated and I have slept better. If you are interested in trying to lessen the amount of coffee you drink, read more here.

All the best,


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