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10 Ways to Make Your Vitamins Work Better

As many of you,like myself, take vitamins on a regular basis, there are certain "rules" which you should bare in mind when you take supplements.  So, I would like to give you tips about how to make your vitamins work even better. Let's jump right into it, shall we.

vegan coffee

Evergreen cafe, Doha

These pictures are from Doha's Evergreen Vegan cafe.

  • Take them with food. In general your vitamins will absorb better if you take them with your meals.
  • Schedule them: take Magnesium in the evening and vitamin B* in the morning. By taking Magnesium* in the evening will ensure you a restful sleep. Read more here. Other supplements, especially multivitamins* might cheer you up so take them in the morning.
  • Take caffeine into consideration. Caffeine deprives iron and calcium. Take your vitamins 30 minutes after your coffee. Besides, consume your coffee with milk or other vegetable milk, such as almond milk or oat milk. Read more why I gave up coffee.
  • Pair them correctly:

vitamin D* and calcium*. 

Also iron* and zinc* will work well together. 
On the other hand, keep these apart: 

zinc and copper
calcium and iron

  • Take them with food. This way they will absorb better and they won't cause nausea. Of course there is an exception to every rule so take iron on an empty stomach. 

  • All in all, vitamin absorption is a complicated process because for your body to absorb these minerals and vitamins your body will need also proteins. For example iron requires a protein transferrin for absorption, while many other minerals require the nonspecific albumin protein carrier. Also, as I mentioned that zinc and iron will work well together, however if you get too much iron, your body's zinc levels may be decreased.
    Take the vitamins from your nutrient dense food intake because then your body will be able to use the vitamins better. Your body will naturally produce enzymes which will help to absorb vitamins in your body. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that the vitamin taken from a supplement will be absorbed and used by your body in the same easy way as if it were to come from nutrient dense food.
Source used in this post: Reader's digest, February 2018 and ACE Fitness Nutrition Manual.

Lots of energy into your days,


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