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How to Shop Healthy on a Budget?

According to a research (Sandmaier, 2007) only 3% of Americans eat healthfully, engage in regular physical activity, maintain a healthy weight and do not smoke. This is quite alarming. Why is it so hard to eat healthy food? Is it because people think it cost more or is it more convenient to buy fast and processed food? Eating healthy food doesn't always mean high cost. In fact, when you take advantage of seasonal produce, your shopping bills will become smaller. By eating in season fruits and vegetables you can save a ton! Besides, in season fruits are always fresh so they taste better. In this post I will share a seasonal produce guide. This will help you to save money and eat fresh produce!

 Seasonal produce guide:

Choose following fruits and vegetables in each month.

April and May: broccoli, apples, artichoke, spinach, peas, orange

June and July: apricot, blueberries, cantaloupe, corn, cucumber, cherries, summer squash, tomatoes, strawberries

August to October: sweet potato, pear, peach, pomegranate, cauliflower

Season all year round: lettuce, onion, peppers, avocado, celery, banana

I cannot wait for the summer to come so there will be plenty of fresh Finnish vegetables available in the grocery´s. Not to speak of the delicious Finnish strawberries or other berries!

Remember to eat your greens,


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