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5 Things I Used to Clear Up My Skin

Are you one of those people who have had issues with your skin? I sure have had my struggles with my combination and sensitive skin. My skin is really sensitive so it reacts easily to any changes whether it be the exposure of dry airplane air, hormonal changes, changes in my diet, trying out a new facial cleanser or lotion or a change in the climate. And living in a country which has 4 seasons doesn't help at all...However, recently I have noticed a different glow in my face and I haven't had any breakouts at all. Therefore, I would like to share with you 5 things I used which cleared up my skin. And these don't include any cosmetics. In my opinion less is more when you consume cosmetics into your skin and diet and healthy lifestyle habits are what ultimately make a difference. Of course different lotions can help but it is the other factors which count more...

5 Things I tried to clear up my skin:

  • Green tea*: I drank more organic green tea. I quit drinking coffee a while ago and I think this had a big impact on my body's hydration levels. Coffee dries out your skin and it has a lot of pesticides if you don't drink organic coffee. Read more about the pesticides in the coffee here  and here.
  • Tomatoes: I made a big kettle of tomato soup (recipe coming up soon) and the next morning I woke up my skin had a nice color and it looked extra fresh! Here is a informative article about the health benefits of tomatoes. 
  • Exercising outdoors: I switched my workouts from indoors to outdoors and boy it did good for my skin! Letting your skin "breath" fresh air will do wonders for your skin: your skin tone will even up and you will get nice red cheeks. Besides all the sweat will move toxins from your skin and body. Especially if you workout without make up! Previously, I did a post on the benefits of outdoor training.
  • Collagen Powder: Collagen improves skin texture and firmness. When I use collagen my skin looks smoother and more hydrated.  I use this* or this*. 

Extra tips:

  • Healthy food is essential if you want a clear skin. The major organs will take most of vitamins to their use so what is left off from the vitamins will go to your skin's use. So if you are especially stressed out, your organs will need even more vitamins and there isn't much left for your skin. Therefore, taking a moment to stop and calm down is good for your skin as well. Here are my tips what to do when I'm stressed out. 
  • Relating to the previous tip, ensuring that you get enough vitamins is essential. Here is my intake on supplements and which superfoods I use on a daily basis. 
  • Other useful foods which your skin will love: salmon, going dairy-free (because of the hormones in the dairy), broccoli, carrot, lemon water, avocado, berries, turmeric* and garlic.
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