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The Amazing Effects of Yoga

Are you into Yoga? I sure am! But I haven't always been..
I started my yoga journey when we lived in Asia. Before that I had thought many times of starting yoga but I didn't have a good opportunity. So there I was living in Malaysia with so many experienced yoga practitioners and I thought this is the right. This is it. I signed for a Hatha Yoga class. As it turned out, this was love at first sight. At the end of the lesson I couldn't quite believe how relaxed and at peace I felt. So I continued to practise yoga at least once a week. After we moved back to Finland, I continued practising yoga when I found out about Yogaia I have used this website ever since. Nowadays I try to do yoga at least once a week from Yogaia and in the weekend mornings I do my own version of yoga. 

Here are benefits I have gained from practising Yoga:

  • It makes me more relaxed. After I have done yoga all the tension is gone from my body.

  • When I am really stressed out, yoga helps me to calm down and it reduces muscle stiffness which I have a lot.

  • It targets all muscle groups so it is an excellent form of exercise.Whole body workout 👍💪

  • It highlights the focus on your inner self and breathing. This in itself will force you to listen to your body and will ultimately relax you. 

  • You can focus on yourself and not on competing or comparing your performance to the other ones. This is especially important for people who are doers in life. 

  • It is good for people of all ages and fitness levels. So no matter your current shape, you can start practicing it.

  • It is low impact so it won't put any impact on your joints. This is important if you have issues in your joints.

  • You can do it everywhere and it is low cost. There are many free yoga programs on Youtube.

Lots of love,


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