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My View on Doha

Here I am in the Arabland again 😁 They say that Doha is the new Dubai and I couldn't agree more. In my opinion Dubai is just too much of everything. If you have been there, you might understand this. Everything is too luxurious for my taste. Too much. Having lived in the UAE I think it is the way of their culture. They put too much perfum, there's too much noise everywhere, and not to mention the parties or celebrations: people are going crazy without alcohol. For someone like me who loves peace and quiet I have to say it was way too much. However, getting back to Doha. I have to say that this city has surprised me completely. When I first arrived here, I thought that this would be like Dubai mixed with Oman. But I was wrong. This place is much cooler and more western than I thought. Of course I’m staying at the Pearl which is a very good and ’rich’ area. When I’m walking down Porto Arabia it feels like I’m back in the Expat life again. There are so many western people that it makes me feel as I am living in Penang and especially walking in Straits Quay.. Oh, how I loved Penang ❤️❤️


What have I been doing here so far? I decided that I would do whatever pleases me 😁 I am such a doer in my ordinary days so now I just want to go with the flow...
Normally this means lying down on the beach, working out and eating well 😂 Yup, that's my kind of holiday. Early to bed, early to rise. To be active and get your body moving.

All the best,


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