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The Benefits of Outdoor Training

There have been studies (Barton & Pretty 2010) which indicate that moving outdoors has been shown to reduce anger and depression and improve mood. Besides these there are numerous of positive effects when you train outside: it doesn't cost you anything compared to going for a gym, it's easy accessible, you will connect with Mother Nature, you´ll have enough fresh air so you will sleep better and so on. I think that humans are meant to spend as much time as possible in nature. We should never forget that we are apart of it ❤

I am definitely an outdoor person and that is the reason why I love summer and fall when I can spend so much time outside breathing fresh air. In fact, if I don't spend enough time outdoors on a daily basis, I get a headache. I have often wondered that does this happen to other people?

 Are you addicted to fresh air?

When you have lived abroad, especially in a hot climate which limits your chances of being outside,  you really learn how to appreciate your own country's nature and all the opportunities it provides you. When I moved back to Finland, I was so happy of several things:

  • I could collect my own berries and mushrooms.
  •   I was able to have my own garden which would provide me berries, herbs and apples.
  • I was able to breathe fresh and clean air.
  •  I could go camping.
  •  Whenever I felt anxious, I knew I could just have a walk in the forest and that would calm me down.

I hope you are able to enjoy some fresh air today,


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