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Are You Moving Enough on a Daily Basis?

sunny day

How active are you on a daily basis? It is a known fact that moving your body regularly throughout the day has more health benefits than if you were to schedule a HIIT workout and spent the rest of your day sitting. The"regular movement in your day" or "incidental activity" (=small acts of every day life that are meant as exercise) can be for example taking the stairs instead of elevator, walking home from work instead of driving or walking to grocery store. 

According to Aki Hintsa: Voittamisen anatomia * by taking 8000-10 000 steps a day you will gain significant health benefits even though you don't do any other specific work outs. On the contrary, if you don't do this incidental activity in a day although you go for a work out class, you don't get the same health gains.

 As I have advised before: if you don't have time to exercise, include some short walks or incidental activity to your day. Play with your kids, spend time outdoors, take the dog out or your kids for a stroll. These sessions can be short because at the end of the day you might have many of these short drills. Your body is made to move so walk consistently any time you can!

Another interesting fact is that sitting is killing this nation. Recent studies suggest that sitting and a passive way of life will tremendously increase the risk of having diabetes or heart diseases in the future. Can you imagine that two thirds of Brits sit or lie over 20 hours per day? This means that they only move four hours a day! How is this possible? I can feel my own anxiety levels rising up while I'm writing this so I need to stand up and get moving 😁

I love being active with my family! ❤
These kinds of sunny days just invites me to have a walk on ice.

When you look at children they hardly never rest! What happens when we grow up? Are ipads and phones making us passive so we sit all the time? I try to raise my son to be an active person. In fact, by far it is going so well that I don't need to "force" him to move: he is always running, walking or moving around in our house. Even though he plays with legos, he is still jumping and "fighting" 😂 I try to learn from him and keep on the move all the time. Also, my Fitbit constantly reminds if I haven't moved enough steps in each hour. At the end of the day I look forward to watch how many steps I gained that day! My goal is to take at least 10 000 each day.

How is your incidental activity? I challenge you to start paying attention to how much you are actually moving each day.


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