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Are You Eating Too Much Protein?

Here's a thought or a question which you might have not considered for a while. Are you eating too much protein? Nowadays many personal trainers and fitness experts highlight the importance of eating enough protein. Also, the food industry has joined this movement: they have added extra protein in almost all products. There's protein bread, extra protein quarks, protein riched this and that. As a result of this has anyone else thought that maybe people are consuming too much protein? 

According to ACE Fitness article "5 Sports Nutrition Experts Share the Performance enhancing Benefits of Protein" by Katie Ferrano the typical American adult actually consumes more protein than is recommended. Therefore people should pay attention to timing and portion sizes. Unnecessary calories , even coming from proteins, can promote weight gain. Athletes or other exercisers must remember that protein is not the only nutrient of importance. Carbohydrate is the main source of energy used during high-intensity activity. Skip on carbs and you'll eventually feel tired during training. In my opinion this is where most people go wrong. Carbs have a negative image on them and it is assumed that carbs make you bloated or feeling tired. Instead it is the quite opposite: if you don't get enough carbs, you don't have enough fuel to work out. Having said this, there are different types of carbs and if you think fried potatoes or chips as a source of carb it definitely makes you feel sluggish and tired. But here we are talking about whole grains, such as rye, oat and not white flour wheat.

This made me think about my own usage of protein. I have tended to favour protein over carbs. If I were to choose a protein bar or a fruit and a sandwich, I would choose the former. But when you actually think about it, that's crazy! By choosing a protein bar I will end up having a processed product with preservatives instead of vitamins, nutrients and fiber from the bread and fruit. Eat real food people!

How is your protein intake? Have you considered this?

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