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5 Effective Weight Loss Drinks

When it comes to losing weight, there is a lot of different kinds of detox packages and weight loss drinks available. However, I would not recommend using these products because they only offer short term benefits if any benefits at all. Instead I encourage to use a weight loss method which is sustainable. Usually this is acquiring healthy eating and exercising habits for life. You can achieve this by following my Nutrition Programme.

Surely different starter kits, such as detox kits and ready to eat soup diets may come in handy but eventually when you have lost some weight, you should opt for methods which offer permanent results. Therefore, in this post I will share with you 5 effective weight loss drink recipes. I would like to remind you that drinking these drinks are not your only diet.  On the contrary, these are recommended beside your healthy meals and these healthy drinks could replace your other sugary sodas and juices..Besides they are also healthy and delicious too.

WHY should you drink these?

-They will hydrate your body.

-They will remove toxins from your body.

-They will improve digestion.

-They will offer you a lot of vitamins.

Convinced? Okay, let´s move on to the drinks..

1. cucumber+ lemon+ mint+ ginger

Mix these in a juicer and enjoy! There's a lot of health benefits in lemon. Read more here. Mint is refreshing and has a lot of antioxidants. Mint also helps with digestive issues and bloating. Cucumber will hydrate your body.

2. grape+ orange+lemon+ginger+garlic

This is my fight against the flu home remedy and it works quite well every time. Even when I suffered from pneumonia.

3. lemon+ mint+ raspberries

Raspberries will give a nice sweet taste to this drink. You can make this drink in a mixer. You don't need a separate juicer. You can use other berries as well.

4. avocado+ cucumber+ lemon

I used to drink this juice when we lived in Malaysia and it was very refreshing after a hot day. You will have good and healthy fats from avocado.

5. garlic tea

In the summer time eating garlic, taking garlic capsules or drinking garlic tea is very beneficial because it will banish all the ticks around you. Yes, there have been some studies which indicate that ticks don't bite people who eat a lot of garlic. This has to do with the smell of the garlic. I make garlic tea by cutting garlic into pieces and then put them on a cup and pour boiling water on top. I let it simmer for about 5 minutes.

Sending good vibes only,


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  1. One of the great benefits of herbal teas is there is no caffeine, no chemicals just pure herbs from nature. That is all we need for our teas to work best, just place the tea bag or a bunch of the herb into a cup, fill with hot water and wait fifteen to thirty minutes.

  2. Hi buddy,

    I just read your blog. Amazing post, thanks for sharing. Please give me a suggestion, what should I drink in the morning to lose weight?

  3. Thank you for your comment! I would say that it's not what you drink in the morning that counts for weight loss, it's the amoubt and quality of food you eat during the day.. Having said this, you could try to drink one of the drinks above. They are healthy and good for your gut bacteria.

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