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It's All About Motivation Or Is It?

Let's talk about motivation. It is the fuel to your actions but surely you cannot always be motivated, right? You don't. It's only human to be unmotivated from time to time. However, in these situations what really counts is your routines. If you are used to exercise, you will do that despite of the lack of motivation...Having said this, there are times when you need an extra boost to get things done and in this post I will give you tips how to stay motivated or where to find motivation.

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My motivation tips:

  • Get a plan. Put it on paper, sign up for exercise classes, hire a PT, get a gym membership or encourage your friend to join to your own challenge.
  • Remember how you will feel at the end of your work out. I have never regretted in going for a run or a gym afterwards!

  • Give yourself an extrinsic reward, may it be a smoothie, watching your favorite series on Netflix, raw chocolate, new workout clothes or whatever. Over time the motivation becomes intrinsic as your brain begins to combine sweat with endorphins (the feel good hormones). In this stage the workout itself is the only reward so you don't need or want any extra treat.

  • If you are feeling tired, go just for a 10 minute walk, by then you will be feeling pretty damn good so you don't want to stop it at this. Or tell yourself "I just have to warm up and then I will go home". Fool yourself like this and then you don't want to give up!

  • Just do it! Don't over-analyse, just go.

  • Find your fitness tribe. In a group you will do more and you will challenge yourself better than if you were training alone. In addition, the energy of the group keeps you going in the moments you want to quit.

  • Surround yourself with people who also workout regularly.

  • Give yourself goals. It can be as simple as "I can do 20 push ups." or "At the end of the summer I can do 5 chin ups."

  • Train with people who will encourage you to do your best! I find it that when I train with a person who has a better cardio fitness than me, it gives me a boost to work harder!

  • Listen to audio books or chat with your friend on the phone while walking.

  • Enjoy the healthy balance of delicious food and enjoyable exercise. When you train hard, you don't want to dismiss your good work out with eating a muffin. Instead you will crave something healthier which will fuel your body right.

  • Make it a friend meet up. Ask your friend to come along! This way you will double the fun!

  • Be super proud of your achievements. Track your success.

  • Lastly, think how much stronger you are getting with every workout 👊💪.

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How about how to maintain your motivation? That is a topic for another post but I will say that  it is important to have other things than exercise which you enjoy in your life. When you exercise a lot it is advisable to shake things up a bit and from time to time do something entirely different than train. For instance yesterday I went to see the new movie Fifty Shades Freed instead of having a workout. I have to say that it freshened me up and now I am heading for the gym 💪 The movie was great but as I read a lot I preferred the book

 Let's do this,


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