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Where to Find Inspiration?

It has been a while since you made some New Year's Resolutions and decided to invest in your health, so where to find motivation and inspiration again? When you make these decisions to live healthier, the decision itself can motivate you for a while but in the long run you need more..  Even though my regular exercise routines are my strengths in this area, I have times when I need to find inspiration from somewhere. There are times when you just need an extra boost to get to the gym. When these moments arrive, I try to find motivation in the following things.

Where do I find inspiration?

  1. Number 1 is a good night's sleep. I can say that when I have slept well, I have a lot of energy to do everything and in these days my workouts are the best. My endurance and strength in resistance training are better than ever before. Therefore recovery is the best medicine for creativity and inspiration. Here I wrote how you can improve your sleep.
  2. Instagram feeds. If I see a great workout, I want to rush to the gym and do the same 👊💪
  3. Youtube videos. There are a few channels which I follow regularly. These are Sarahs dayPick up LimesRaw alignment and AmandaMuse.
  4. As a blogger, I also read blogs. Here are my favourites: Rakkaudella KaritaPiia PajunenIdajemina, VilmaP and Anna Saivosalmi.
  5. My travels. I have found that travelling increases my motivation to exercise. New gyms and surroundings calls for me to explore them! Running and walking are great ways to explore new places. As it is the season of winter holiday, mine starts next week and I am off for an exciting place...More on that later 😁
  6. New workouts and trying new sports or sports which you haven't tried in a long time. For instance last summer I started to play football which has always been my passion. This really gave a new boost to my weekly workouts! Also planning and trying new workout programs increases my motivation to go for the gym.

These photos are taken from Greece. We had a nice holiday in Greece last summer ❤ I love the Greek food! So tasty and healthy!

Now I would like to hear, where do you get your inspiration? Or do you have any questions or topics which you would like me to write about? Some of my readers are Finnish so if you prefer, you can write in Finnish as well ☺

Lots of love,


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