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How to Tackle a Busy Day?

How to manage busy days and find time to exercise on these days?

Last Wednesday I had a super busy day but I was still able to fit a workout in my day. This was all possible because

a) I planned my day thoroughly (on Tuesday evening I packed my gym gears, lunch and protein drink)
b) I didn't want to miss my workout (so I prioritized it) and
c) I decided that no matter what, I will stick to my plan.

Here is how my Wednesday looked like:

  • I woke up 6 am.
  • I worked from 8 am to 1 pm.
  • After work, around 1.15 pm I rushed to the gym and had a quick HIIT -workout (about 45 minutes).
  • At 2.15 pm I was picking up my son from preschool.
  • At 2.30 pm I had a quick snack and studied (I am finishing my master's degree in English).
  • At 5pm I finished studying but I needed fresh air so I went for a walk (this was really nice! I needed to clear my head in the fresh air).
  • At 5.30pm I made some dinner preparations and house chores.
  • At 7pm I watched The Designated Survivor (highly recommend!)on Netflix and read blogs. 
  • At 8.30 pm I took my Magnesium* and went to bed and read The Drums of Autumn * (from Outlander -series *).
stair climbing


I can say that this day was a success: although it was intense, I felt I accomplished a lot! I also felt super productive! I don't usually plan to do any studying after work but now I have two English courses going on and I also have this blog to write so I am quite busy.. Therefore, I have to plan my weeks quite carefully. I also have to say that I didn't feel stressed or worse, tired, during my Wednesday although I was running a lot :) I think this is mainly because what I ate that day. My blood sugar was steady throughout the day because I ate regularly. I had my usual breakfast which consisted of oat porridge, gluten free bread with a boiled egg. My lunch was a salmon soup with an orange and I had a protein drink after my gym session. After I came home I had fruits and a gluten-free bread with an egg as I started to study. In addition, I had a tasty salad for dinner. I am now obsessed with salads so I will do a post on them later on..

The importance of a post-workout snack

 Now few words about post-workout snack..If you finish your workout and you don't have a chance to eat a proper meal in 30-45 minutes after your session, I encourage you to have a Protein drink*, a protein bar*, a banana or other fruit RIGHT after your gym session. In the gym you have tired your muscles so they need fuel as soon as possible. Here you can read more on my snack ideas and here I will present to you some of my favorite smoothie recipes. I have noticed that I gain muscle mass better if I invest in my eating habits right after the workout. It does make a difference, you should try it!

Then to answer my question in the first row of this post...At the end of the day what it really comes down to is that you plan, schedule and stick to your plan! It is always easy to come up with excuses that I am just so busy and don't feel like it etc. However, these are just lame excuses. Just DO it.

Good luck to your busy days,


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