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Why Aren't You Losing Weight?

I hope you have had a good start to your New Year in the forms of exercise and healthy eating habits! However, sometimes after you have succeeded in losing few kilos, your weight loss stops and it seems that you are not doing any progress. By the way, I encourage you to check your progress with a measuring tape or use those tight clothes, rather than using scales.. So, if you have tried to lose weight for a month and you have had only little progress, I suggest that you should consider if any of the following circumstances suit your case:

Why aren't you losing weight?

  • Our bodies hold on to the fat if we are too stressed and our metabolism slows down. Check your stress levels.

  • You are not sleeping enough and your muscles and body cannot recover from your daily activities. Read my previous post on how to improve your sleep. 

  • You exercise too much. Take extra rest days. Be careful with over training! Read here how to optimize your recovery.

  • You eat too little and your body holds on every fat cell in your body. 

  • You train in same way week after week. The solution for this is to vary your workouts or workout routines! Personally I have noticed a huge difference in this. When I alter and shake things up a bit, I am in my fittest shape. Your muscles need different stimulants in order to develop. In addition by varying your exercise schedule it will eventually increase your motivation! In the summer time I usually change my workouts outdoors because I just don’t feel like training inside the gym. The summer is short so I want to enjoy every moment of it. Lately I’ve wanted to train as much as possible outdoors so I’ll just do it. There are so many possibilities: go skiing, go for a brisk walk or run, go ice skating, climb hills and sledge them down with your kids. The snow offers great challenges for your whole body.


Enjoying these yoga poses 💗

You only have one body so take good care of it! Give it the healthy fuel it needs and move it on a daily basis. 

Lots of love,


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