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How I stopped stress eating

Food. What a wonderful thing. The fuel to your body. It gives you energy to workout or it acts as comfort when you are feeling a bit under the weather. You can't live without it but eating wrong foods can ultimately make you sick. You become what you eat. 

There are a lot of controversial knowledge about food and from time to time media presents different diets which are "good" for you. It is easy to get lost up in this jungle. What is actually healthy? What type of diet should I follow? My friend was able to lose weight with low Carb diet. Should I try it?  I have been here myself. I had tried many diets and restricted my diet with many things. Wondering and pondering all the possibilities. Until some day I just let it go and ate what I felt like eating. I started to listen to my body. What did it crave? This was the time of summer which made everything a little bit easier. I had a lot of fresh foods available and vegetables were cheaper than in the winter time. As a result, I started eating more vegetables and it made me feel energetic and healthy. I did not count calories or restricted anything although I had to avoid dairy and wheat because it didn't make me feel good and caused bloating and stomach cramps. This is how I stopped stressing about what I eat. My focus was not on the food anymore. I started to live my life. The only thing I did was to listen how my body reacted to certain foods. If it made me feel good, I continued to use it. If it made me feel bad, I stopped using it. Having said this, I still sometimes eat foods which might give me bloating. The reason for this is because I want to test and try different food items and also if I'm travelling I want to experience new foods and not to overthink everything. 

There is nothing worse for your gut than feeling guilty about what you just ate!

Do you stress over your eating?

I hope you have a stress free weekend ahead and you enjoy your life 💗

"The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment."

Until next time,


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