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I Gave up Coffee Again!

Previously I wrote about How becoming a morning person made me more productive and at the end of the post I promised to share my tips how to become a morning person. However, I will post that  on the weekend because it is still work in progress..In the meanwhile I have a confession to make... Remember when I wrote about I quit drinking coffee and it changed my life. Well I have a confession to make... I somehow got addicted to that stuff again! As you know, I continued my university studies in December and I have always combined a cup of hot java with studying and one thing let to another.. I went from having occasional coffee twice a week to once a day... And now I want to detox myself again..

at pier

Ok, so why do I want to give up coffee again?

  • Because it tastes so damn good until it isn't healthy for me anymore...
  • Last time when I stopped drinking it, I felt better and more energetic throughout my day. Here you can read more.
  • I know I will sleep better without it running in my systems. Here is more on that. Every night after I have drank coffee during the day my sleep is disturbed sleep: I am waking up constantly every night and I don't have enough deep sleep (look more in photos below). I love my coffee but I love my sleep even more...
  • I started to have vitamin b deficiency which showed up in the corners of my mouth as they were cracking.
  • I felt really sluggish and tired in the afternoons. I had to compensate this with more coffee. And before I knew it my caffeine intolerance spiked up! I craved more and more coffee. It really is a vicious cycle.
  • I got a heart burn and stomach irritation. All the things you can tolerate if you just want to have a cup of coffee... Addiction.
  • Since I am all about natural remedies I want my body to rely on its own natural energy instead of energy spikes from coffee...
instant pakuri

How did I do it this time?

  • In the last days of my coffee drinking I only took one or two sips from my husband's cup 😁
  • I changed to drinking Mate *, Dandy Blend * and Mount Hagen's decaf * If you use code QRD845 on iherb, you´ll get discount.
  • I took it easy for the first few days. That's why I weaned myself during the weekend.
dandy blend

How did it made me feel?

Day 1

-I felt foggy and sluggish..I would have done anything for a cup of coffee.. I had to speed up my husband to drink his cup when I still had my willpower left.
-I felt unproductive and tired all day. Thank God it was Sunday!
-Headache hit me around 12 am..

Day 2

-I still felt a bit sluggish and I was a little bit unproductive at work. The coffee smelled SOOO good in the teacher's lounge...
-BUT I slept better and I fell asleep immediately after I went to bed. This encouraged me to continue. I 💗 to have a good night's sleep!

Day 3

-More goodness in my life.
-Headache and fogginess were gone. 
-No energy spikes from coffee and no lows either.

Day 4

- I preferred the way my brain worked without coffee. 
-I was in a calmer state of mind.
-No temptations anymore. Tea was fine 👊


Here are images on my disturbed sleep as I was drinking coffee. These statistics goes to show how little deep sleep and REM sleep I have when I drink coffee. I hope you find this post useful and you are ready to try life without coffee 😏 I sure am getting back to my occasional and not every day coffee..

Lots of love,


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