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Blogging for 1 Year+ Top Ten Nutrition Posts

It´s my blog´s anniversary. I have been blogging for a year now. How times fly.. When I started this blog, I thought that I would write about anything relating to wellness. However, now there has been a slight shift in my posts as I have been studying more about nutrition. Currently I am continuing my education as I am studying to become a functional medicine nutrition adviser by ProHealth. 

As I started to write my blog I was doing it for the fun and I wanted to share my knowledge in health. Now I really enjoy other things relating blogging, such as taking pictures, thinking about photoshoots, planning post ideas, finding and reading interesting researches and I have set up my own business Jennikatja. Now I can offer help for even more people. Taking good care of your health is the most important thing you can do to yourself.

Because of the anniversary and the fact that nutrition intrigues me even more, I decided to post my top ten nutrition posts. Hope you enjoy reading them!

Top 10 Nutrition Posts

5 Effective Weight Loss Drinks

-Losing weight is always a present post, especially after summer and New Year. As with most wellness bloggers, my most favourite posts have to do with weight loss.

Healthy Summer Snacks

-Eating healthy is not hard and in this post I will give you healthy and easy snack ideas.

How to Stay Young and Healthy

-Which woman doesn´t want to be young and healthy? I´ve never met one! Of course being healthy and young is related to nutrition 😄

How to Control the Hunger Hormone

-Knowing about your body's system you will understand why your body behaviours in certain situations. Most problems in your body is easily fixed with healthy diet.

Health Tips for Women over 25

-Most of my blog readers are above 25 so this explains the popularity of this post.

Nutrition Packages

-I´m glad that you are interested in my Nutrition Packages. They are affordable because I want to make you feel good, energetic and I genuinely want to help you!

10 Ways to Make Your Vitamins Work Better

-Important topic if you are using supplements.

4 Ingredient Healthy Herbal Smoothie

-Smoothies are a great way to ensure your vitamin and greens intake and it cannot get any simpler than by using this recipe!

8 Tips for Healthy Eating

-Easy tips are always in demand 😄

What Do the Healthiest People on Earth Eat?

-This has been one of my favourite posts to write. I enjoyed investigating for this post. Health has always intrigued me and most importantly how do the healthiest people live and eat.

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