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Thinking about New Year´s Resolutions?

Here is a post I wrote last year about New Year´s resolutions and why I think they won´t work.

Have you come up with any New Year's resolutions this year? If not, it is totally okay not to do them. In this post I will explain why it is so. I think the most common/favorite resolutions have to do with losing weight, eating healthier, trying to distress or slow in life in general. I have a thing or two to say about slowing down. As you know, I got very sick this fall (you can read it in here), and as a result, suddenly I had a lot of time to think about life. It was a bit funny that somehow my life changed from being very busy and organised to being not busy at all. I have to say that at first it was hard for me to slow down because I am the kind of person who doesn't just sit around, instead I get things done. Period. But now I was in a place that I didn't have a choice. This pneumonia made me to stop everything and forced me to slow down. (Honestly, it was a real effort to go to a shower). I was too tired and all my energy went to fetching up a glass of water from the kitchen. So what could I do? Just watch the mess in my house and let it be or freak out? I chose the first alternative. As I changed my way of thinking and focused on the most important thing (me getting healthy), it gave me a new perspective in life: the world does not stop if you relax and let control of things. The sun will rise and fall.

Within last years I have tried to live my life so that I would focus on the positive side in every situation and I tried to apply this to my illness as well. Therefore, although obviously as I was very upset about getting that sick, I could still find one blessing in this illness: learning how to slow down. As I "slowed down" and started to do my breathing exercises in order to strengthen my lungs, I realized how healthy it is to just be and breathe. I was in a no hurry. I had all the time in the world. My thoughts shifted that I am no longer indispensable and work is just work. What truly matters is my health and my well being. Finally I had time to just focus on me and myself. This extra time made me question my values.  What am I doing with my time? Am I spending enough time with my son?Am I too selfish to have some me time regularly and do my own things, such as train, read books, write this blog? As I pondered these things, I realized that ultimately what it comes down to, is to find the right balance which works for you. I know that if I were to give up my me-time, I would not be a happy mum. Instead, I know, I would feel deprived and depressed. The minute I have done my workout and got my adrenaline rush, I am in such a great spirits and that reflects on my child as well. A happy mum is a better mum!

So I challenge you to think about the demands you put to yourself..Mostly those demands, such as "My house needs to be spotless." and "I need to be organised all the time.", are only demands in your own head. You are enough the way you are. Learn how to respect yourself. Most importantly, learn to love yourself. You create the life YOU want. Start being happy now. 

Hal Elrod gives statistics that only 5% of those people who have made New Year's resolutions will be able to maintain them. Why is it so hard to stick to New Year's resolutions? Hal explains that people are too addicted to the old habits and change is painful. But if you want to achieve something in your life and really change habits, it takes at least 30 days of hard work. There's no going around it. The key to change your habits is to learn the right strategy to change your old habits. This is where most people go wrong. The right strategy includes being prepared mentally and be prepared that there will be emotional challenges. You need to do the work. If you´d like to read more about Elrod's book, you can find it on the Adlibris The Miracle Morning: The 6 Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8AM* . I highly recommend this book.

Instead of making New Year's resolutions which you already know you cannot keep or commit to, I encourage you to stop and think about what is important to you now? Would you feel better if you lost some weight and at the same time changed your diet to eat healthier foods in order to have more energy? Or if you are happy with your body image and have already achieved good eating habits, do you want some quiet time into your life? If so how about starting to meditate, practice yoga or write your thoughts on a diary/gratitude journal? New Years offer great chances to start reflecting your past year and think about fresh starts or things you want to change in your life. Having said that, keep it simple and commit only to those goals which are doable.

"On the one hand, we all want to be happy. On the other hand, we all know the things that make us happy. But we don't do those things. Why? Simple. We are too busy. Too busy doing what? Too busy trying to be happy."                                               

                                                -Matthew Kelly

               Be the best version of you,


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