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Detox - Heal Your Gut

Want to heal and nourish your body from the inside out? 

Our gut is our second brain and the condition of your gut will affect your whole well being. Did you know that unhealthy gut microbiome can make you sick? Many diseases are linked to your gut microbiome. I designed Detox- Heal Your Gut programme so that you could set your foundations for life long health.

In this programme you will have

  • health tips how to balance your gut microbiome
  • healthy diet for your gut health without calorie counting!
  • I will guide you step by step how to bring your gut flora into balance with food with whole food ingredients which can be found in your local supermarket
  • 18 healthy and tasteful recipes
  • tips for effective detoxification
  • a guide how to have a healthy gut 
  • as a side product you will lose extra weight
  • supplement recommendations (not necessary to use)

This online programme with its guides and recipes are meant for ALL who wants to take care of their gut and improve your health! 

Start your personal path to healing your gut naturally by joining this programme.

Finnish version available here.



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