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Self-care series (2): 12 Tips to Do It

This is the second part of my self-care series. Before reading this one, check the first post here.

 Below are tips how to practice more self-care. Choose to implement one new idea every new week and you are on a good start!

❤ Go cloud watching.

❤ Do a mini meditation.

❤ Do one thing today because it makes you happy.

❤ Do a mini-declutter: recycle four items from your wardrobe.

❤ Unplug for an hour. Ignore your phone and internet.

❤ Plan yourself a pampering day. Book a massage, a hairdresser or a manicure.

❤ Take a bus ride. Watch the scenery and enjoy the road.

❤ Put your favourite tune on and boogie.

❤ Be still for 5 minutes. Just sit down or lie down and breath.

❤ Get 15 minutes of sun.

❤ Have a good laugh.

❤ Take a power nap: 15 to 20 minutes is enough.

As December is a bit quieter time in blogs in general, I will skip one week and be back to posting on my Christmas holiday. I hope you also slow down a bit for Christmas. Enjoy a warm cup of tea, burn candles and listen to Christmas carols 💗

Lots of love,


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