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Spring Clean Your Diet

Spring - the perfect time to rethink our eating habits, make healthier choices and get a fresh start! This post is for you who love fresh starts and spring💗
Without further ado here is my suggestion for spring cleaning your diet:

Cut Back on These:

  • salt: Do I even have to tell you that eating too much salt makes you bloated...
  • processed foods: There is nothing good to say about them.
  • caffeine: 1-2 cups a day won't hurt you if you are not sensitive to caffeine like I am. But if you consume more, maybe it's time to ponder if caffeine is really good for you.. In fact, drinking too much caffeine has more side effects than health benefits. It can also make you feel even more tired. Read here why I stopped drinking coffee and how it changed my life!
  • alcohol: It affects your sleep and reduces the amount of deep sleep you have. Switch it to herbal tea.
  • sugar: It makes you age prematurely and who needs that? Read here how to get sugar out of your life.
  • white flour: Replace it with whole grains. Just a reminder that you don't need to go gluten-free just because everyone else is.

Try this healthy smoothie!

Introduce New Ingredients:

  • Plan meatless Mondays. Great way to reduce your meat intake!
  • Take baby steps: Try one new advice in a week. That's not too much and you can handle it without making any extra effort. Just one peace of advice. Research has showed that making small changes regularly in a long run leads to better results.
  • Eat more salads. Have a go with these healthy salad dressings.
  • Try some vegetables which you haven't cooked before, for example beetroot or kale.
  • Eat healthy fats every day. Vary your seed intake.


  • Eat breakfast. Don't skip it and swap it for coffee.
  • Remember to eat enough! Don't starve yourself. By not eating enough your metabolism will slow down and your body will hold onto its fats even more!
  • Eat more mindfully. Mindful eating can help with weight loss. Check here how the healthiest people on earth eat and how they eat mindfully.
  • Hydrate your body throughout the day.
Let's enjoy this spring and get some energy from the sun,


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