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Finding Balance

me and spring

Are you a person who performs her life? I am or I want to think that I used to be ☺
because I decided that it's about time to slow down a bit and invest in my recovery and my inner peace.As for the past two years have been really hectic as I have been working full time and at the same time doing my Masters studies in English. This meaning that I literally have had no proper holidays in two years as I tried to schedule more study days when I had holiday from my actual work. Now when I have had time to stop and think about all this, I am so ready to take it more easy and invest in myself. 

So what does this actually mean?

  • I try to do more yoga on a regular basis.

  • I try to workout in a way that I will listen to my body and not stress about having enough time to go to the gym. This means that I already quit my gym membership so I don't have to stress about the fact that do I have enough time to go to the gym. It takes more time to go to the gym than go for a walk. Instead I will listen my body more and workout in a way that suits me.

  • I will have more rest weeks. Sometimes it is hard to have enough rest when you are so excited about working out.

  • I will start meditating and learn how to be more present.

  • I already started to change my attitude from not to be in a constant hurry -mode all the time. Instead of thinking that I'm busy all the time, I concentrate on the fact that I do have time and there is no need to hurry. At work I prioritize and teach my students all the essential stuff and reserve time for discussions and projects.


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