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5 Tips How to Be More Mindful

We all know how important it is to be present on the moment and not worry about tomorrow or all the undone chores that are waiting for you. So how to practice being more mindful? How to silence your thoughts for a minute before thoughts about your to-do list start to emerge?
I know all too well how in the midst of family life you cannot seem to find any time or space to practice being mindful. On the other hand, isn't mindfulness what family life really is all about? Being present each moment with your child, answering all kinds of questions from "Mom, look what I made!" or "Mom, guess how many Donald Ducks I have?" 😁 OK, in my opinion it is.. But what I would like to practice more is how to quiet down my mind after a busy work day.  Our minds are hard at work all day long and this continues when I come home. Here I will share my tips which have proven to be quite OK 

5 Tips how to more mindful:

  • Try to have 10 minutes to yourself (me time) straight after work. For me, this has been just simple as drinking tea outside on a sunny spring day and listening to the sounds of nature:at the moment it is these wonderful birds chirping. At the same time I don't do anything else. Just breathe and feel the warm drink in my hands. Listening to the sounds of nature decreases muscle tension and reduces stress.

  • Try to have a quiet moment in the evening. For me this means that I will write to my gratitude journal. Read more here. This happens around 7 pm when my husband takes our son to bed and reads to him. 

  • Put your phone on hold. When I have these quiet moments, I don't use my phone or other electronical equipments. So I advise you to put your phone on an airplane mode if you want to be more mindful. This way you don't have to react to your phone beeping all the time and you will be able to focus on the moment. This is important because it allows you to focus on your breathing and emotions.

  • Practice Ying Yoga or other forms of calming and relaxing yoga. Practice stillness and awareness: be aware of how your body feels. Can you notice any tight area in your body? Is there stiffness in your muscles?

  • Connect with nature. Have a walk in the forest or just sit down and enjoy the warming sun. In the spring time the warm sun rays feel comforting. Feel how the sun warms your body and energizes you from within. 

  • If you go for a walk, don't worry about the pace, just focus on paying attention to your breath and how your body is feeling at that very moment. If you feel like going for a longer walk, go for it. On the other hand, if you feel like you are out of breath and your muscles are sore, stop and stretch. Listen to your body.

"A relaxed mind is a creative mind."

Let's do this,


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