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2 Simple Tips How to Lose Weight

Summer is arriving and many people are starting to think about how to get in shape for summer. So, I am going to give you two simple tips in how to reach that goal ☺

1. 12 h rule

This tip has to do with the time that is between your last meal in the evening and your first snack in the morning. There should be at least 12 hours in between your dinner and breakfast in the following day. By not eating for 12 hours, you will give your digestive system enough time to rest and detoxify your body. Your body will give a signal to start to remove toxins from your body when it has been about 8 hours since the last meal. And this detoxification process requires at least 4 hours. All this detoxification happens naturally in your body when you are not eating or drinking. If you constantly "overload" your body by snacking all the time and not ensuring required break between dinner and breakfast, you are doing harm for your body. Let your body heal you. This is good for your weight loss as well. Simple rule to obey and you will resist all the snacking in the evening while watching TV. More (Alejandro Junger's Clean) on this subject you can find in  here* or here*.

2. Eating habits

"Eat like king in the morning, eat like a prince in the afternoon and in the evening eat like a beggar." By eating enough in the morning and during lunch time you will ensure that you are satisfied. This way it is easy to resist cravings. This rule also follows rule number one. If you eat less in the evening, you will be hungry in the morning.

Lastly an extra advice: as you decide to lose weight try to think that you are doing your body a favour by eating healthy food and giving your body what it actually needs: nutrient dense food. Stop stressing about weight loss and focus on the good feeling which you will have by eating healthy 💗 I haven't heard anyone saying that they are feeling bad when they have started to eat healthy and fresh food. Quite the opposite!

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