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12 Tips When You Are Feeling Stressed Out

It happens to all of us.. And yesterday I was having one of those moments as I was about to freak out. I felt so stressed as my head was filled to do -lists. I felt annoyed and I snapped at my family. Also, lately I have had difficulties in falling asleep although I feel tired and what fears me the most is that I will lose my hair, as I have been ripping my hair out of my head when I sleep 😟 Accordingly, I decided that it is time to slow down. This means that I have to concentrate on my English courses, work and family. But as my motto is "Listen to your body" I will listen to it and after my courses are finished (at the end of March), I will have more time to create content here and be creative. The best of my posts will come up when I have rested well and had good work outs 💗 Below are my tips what to do when you are feeling stressed.

When stressed out

  • Go for a walk in the forest. Fresh air and trees decrease my blood pressure. I believe that Nature will heal everything ❤
  • Do yoga.
  • Do breathing exercises and stretch.
  • Read a book.
  • Say to your family that you need a break.
  • Watch Netflix.
  • Go to sauna and sweat your worries.
  • Plan a trip somewhere.
  • Just go outside and breathe.
  • Drop everything what you NEED to do, such as house chores, and spend time with your family. 

My last tips are my favourite ones:

  • I go to mother's house and sit in her kitchen and have a cup of tea. Mothers 💓
  • I'll write to my gratitude journal. This helps me to remember all the things that are good in my life. I encourage you that when you start feeling stressed, spend a few minutes thinking (if you don't own a gratitude journal) or looking through your notes to remind yourself what truly matters 💓



"In the beginning is you, in the middle is you and in the end is you."

                                                 Take care and love yourself,


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  1. You have wonderful views. In your blog you share Tips for Feeling Stressed Out. I think yoga is the perfect way to remove stress other tips may also helpful more.Keep posting such kind of blogs as they are really informative and helpful.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I couldn't agree with you more that yoga really helps me when I'm facing a lot of stress. Especially lately I only want to do Yoga because after doing it, I feel calm and relaxed.


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