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Superfoods versus Supplements

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Previously, I wrote about supplements and the fact that do we really need them. I came to the conclusion that there are advantages in using them if it is done correctly. However, in that post I didn't mention how much people need certain vitamins and some might think that I take too much supplements. If you are interested on this matter, you can find a few research articles in herehere (b-vitamins) and here (vitamin-C). From my experience I can say that I think my supplement/vitamin intake is accurate because normally I don't get sick at all (if you don't include my pneumonia which I got from my holiday trip). 

What is my opinion about the commercial superfoods? I think the hype about them has descended and I personally have stopped using many of them and instead focused on just a few. Like any other hype about certain healthy food item, such as with superfoods, it is only a short amount of time which people will be obsessed about them. However, something good can come out trying new things. Personally I am willing to try new things and to discover if they have any effects on my health.. I began my superfood journey with MSM-powder. They say that MSM  "is a naturally occurring, bio-available source of essential sulfur and methyl groups our bodies require for basic healing, the repair of tissue and various metabolic processes." Some say that it is also good for your joints and for your skin and nails. I hope I am not disappointing anyone but honestly, I didn't notice any difference although I used it for an entire year. 

Moving on to the next superfood: Goji berries. Same goes with this one. They can be healthy but I would rather eat fresh, self-picked Finnish berries from the Finnish forests than spend my money on these. In addition, these Goji berries contain a lot of sugary carbs: 53 g compared to blueberries which have 10 g of carbs. Some amount of this carb is pure sugar. Other superfoods which go to this same category (I don't think it is worth using) are Chia seeds (I'd rather use flax seeds *, they are half the price and have even more healthy effects) and hemp seeds (instead I use "normal" seeds, such as sunflower seeds * and pumpkin seeds *). These "normal" seeds are really cheap and do the trick if you know what I mean.



How about the Superfoods which I use? They are Raw Cacao powder *, Coconut oil *, Maca powder *, Green powder and Collagen *.

I use Raw Cacao powder in my smoothies, in baking, in making raw chocolate and I put it almost everywhere 😉 I love the smell of raw cacao powder and also the taste. It is rich with antioxidants and contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients. I use it to replace normal white sugar and normal cacao powder in my diet. In addition what I also use daily in my smoothies is Maca powder. Maca powder has many health benefits, such as it balances your hormone levels (increases fertility), boosts immune system and increases your energy levels. Subjectively, I have noticed some of these health claims in my body, such as my PMS symptoms have disappeared, and that is why I keep on using it. However, you should take a short break using it after 3 weeks. Coconut oil deserves its own post because I use it so much and also on my skin care! Green powder was my first Superfood which I tried. This is also the one I recommend for you to use. There are a lot of different types of green powders: my favourites are this one and this. If you put the first one in a smoothie, you cannot taste the green flavour. However, the latter you can taste. So if you are not accustomed to using any green powders, I recommend the first one. What are the benefits of using green powders?

  • Green powder usually consists of wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella and barley grass.
  • They contain all the vitamins and minerals necessary for adequate daily nutrition.
  • The greens detoxify your liver. As a result this will boost your immunity system.
  • Will give you energy.

Collagen is a quite new acquaintance for me but since Day1 it has been my trusted friend. What does it do then? 

The benefits of collagen:

  • improves skin texture and firmness (skin moisture and hydration is better)
  • skin collagen is a key component in the structure of the entire body
  • improves the growth of new hair and nails
  • improves tendon and joint flexibility and strength
  • increases bone strength

I can verify these claims. Especially I have noticed a big change in my nails and skin. As we age, our own bodies' own collagen production slows down and it "shuts down" completely at the age of 30. Thus, after you hit your thirties, your bodies' collagen stock have been dwindled. This will show in your skin as dryness and wrinkles. Here is when the collagen powder comes to rescue. The powder will absorb in your body and it will activate your cells to produce more collagen. However, there are many brands available and you should pay attention to the quality of the product. Some products which I have used have a meaty taste and it isn't very pleasant if you mix it with tea.. I recommend that you invest in a good brand, I use Puhdas brand * . I put it in my evening tea and that's it. This is a quality brand because it doesn't taste like meat or fish and I can actually see the results. I also recommend Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen from iherb*.

                                                       Till next time,


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