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How to Get Sugar out of Your Life + Raw Chocolate Recipe

With all the Christmas and New Year resolutions coming many people think that they should alter their diets and think about giving up on sugar. Personally I think that you shouldn't wait after the holidays and instead you should do it right away. This doesn't mean that you are not allowed to enjoy or indulge during the holidays. Quite the opposite! I live a balanced life and even though I want to be sugar-free most of the time, I have treats. I couldn't live ascetic life and deny myself everything and at the same time watch other people enjoy their sweets.No, no! Here I will give you my tips how to get sugar out of your life and live a balanced life.

My tips

  1. Have a good smoothie. My favourite smoothie includes a lot of frozen bananas (it will give a creamy and sweet taste), blackcurrants or strawberries, water, naturally sweetened protein powder and some kale. So simple!
  3. If you want to wean yourself completely, it will take about two weeks and your taste buds will get used to being sugar-free. Instead of sugar, you are satisfied with fruit sugar from fruits.
  5. Feel free to indulge in alternative sweets, such as fruits (especially grapevines), dates, raw chocolate* (recipe below), raw bars, sugar free protein bars, home-made ice creams (recipe coming up later).
       4. Envision yourself with a picture of a healthy body and it is easier to say no to sugar.

       5. Eat regularly: in every 3-4 hours. Eat plenty of real and nutritious food. Don't just eat snacks.

       6. Invest in good sleep. It is easier to give in if you are tired. When we are tired, we often use
           sugar for hopes of getting more energy but this is quite the opposite: after the sugar peak, you
           will feel even more tired.

        7. Don´t buy any sugary snacks! Even if it just because you might have visitors and you want to
            offer them something sweet with coffee. It is difficult to snack on things that are not there!

         8. Don't substitute artificial sweeteners for sugar. In fact, this might have the total opposite
            effect: when you consume artificial sweeteners your brain and stomach will think that you
            will have real food. When this isn't the case, your brain will "get" even more hungrier.

          9. Take a good quality multivitamin and mineral supplement. I wrote about them in
             here: supplements -do we really need them?

    Home-made strawberry-avocado ice cream
    Home-made strawberry-avocado ice cream
    raw chocolate
    Home-made raw chocolate

    My raw chocolate recipe:

    9 tbsp coconut oil *(you can also use raw coconut butter for 2 tbl)
    3 tbsp honey
    2-3 tbsp protein powder*
    1 tbsp organic coffee (optional)
    cinnamon (optional)

    Boil water in a kettle. Put a bowl above the kettle and melt the coconut oil and honey. Be careful that the bowl won't get too hot. The purpose is just to melt the honey and coconut oil. Add cacao powder and protein powder and mix. This licorice protein powder gives nice licorice flavor in your chocolate. I recommend! Add coffee and cinnamon. Pour the mix into a silicon tin. Put it in a freezer for two hours. Enjoy 💋

    Remember that it is all about finding the right balance. Don't stress yourself too much and enjoy the ride!

                                                 Lots of love,


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